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Tableau Conference 2019

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Slalom Boston Couch

For every Tableau project, we bring together data and strategy experts to transform how your team thinks about, interacts with, and learns from your data. Beautiful vizzes are just a piece of puzzle. Driving impact at scale requires an approach that goes beyond implementation and plans for people, process, platform, and insights. That’s our specialty.

5x Tableau Partner of the Year

You’ve got data in all shapes and sizes, streaming in from every direction. Tableau can help you keep pace by transforming data into insights quickly—and we know Tableau. Slalom has been recognized as Tableau's North and South America Alliance Partner of the Year five(!) times. We’re home to the best and brightest in the business, including Tableau Zen Masters and an Iron Viz champion.

The Elsevier story

Improving data visualization and self-service reporting were key factors in realizing Elsevier’s vision. So we built a Tableau solution to provide insight into key sales metrics across the business.

Andrew Herman Consultant at Slalom
Collaboration in Seattle

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