Whitepaper - Implementing continuous integration in Salesforce

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in Salesforce

Get our step-by-step guide to deploy code seamlessly in Salesforce

Every company is racing against the clock to get great technology into their customers’ hands, faster. The successful ones know that continuous feedback and iteration are key to rapid delivery.

But many companies using Salesforce are up against some unique challenges when it comes to implementing DevOps best practices. Currently, there isn’t a single tool on the market for version control and deployment scheduling in Salesforce—although Salesforce DX is in development. We’re anxiously awaiting that release, but in the meantime, we’ve found another way to implement continuous integration in Salesforce.

Download our whitepaper to learn the tricks of the trade from one of our seasoned Salesforce architects. You’ll learn the tools needed to maintain code, the steps to automating code deployments, and best practices to optimize security.

Ashraf Abu-Akeel

Ashraf Abu-Akeel is a senior engineer in the Technology Enablement practice of Slalom’s Washington D.C. office. He has 10 years of consulting experience and has implemented a diverse array of technology solutions for clients—from ERP procurement systems to Salesforce mobile implementations.


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