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Cross-Market internship program: year one

A recap of the first year of Slalom’s software engineering internship program and a look at the mobile time-entry app they helped build—plus, 2016 internship opportunities.

Joel Forman | February 1, 2016

In 2015, Slalom’s Cross-Market delivery team established a software engineering internship program.

We’ve had interns in the past, but they were more of the friends and family variety and not part of a larger program or vision. Building on the momentum in our delivery centers for early-career software engineers, I felt that it was time to create a more formal program.

Establishing an intern program

Our plan for the initial year was to hire three software engineering interns in our Seattle Delivery Center for a 10-week internship. In the early spring of 2015, we announced the program and began accepting applications.

The response was incredible: In just over two months, we received more than 300 applications! After a series of phone interviews and final in-person rounds with a group of our senior engineers and architects, we selected our top candidates and extended offers to three interns.

“My internship was a mix of learning and mentoring combined with real-world deadlines and expectations.”
Hayley Garment, Slalom intern-turned-software-engineer

Intern project: Mobile time-entry app

I was excited to structure a meaningful project that would serve as the core of our intern’s experience at Slalom.

Our team prides itself on our software delivery methodology: our ability to bring together cross-discipline teams consisting of solution ownership, user experience, software engineering, quality assurance, and DevOps to deliver products to market in an agile fashion.

iPhone screens from Slalom's mobile MyTime app

In that spirit, we enlisted our interns to deliver a minimal viable product of a mobile time-entry application for iOS and Android devices that interfaced with Slalom’s time entry system. Once complete, the app would be rolled out to our entire consulting organization.

Over the course of the 10 weeks, our interns worked side-by-side with other cross-functional Slalom team members. They participated in daily standups, completed pull requests, pushed out daily builds, and even conducted sprint demos to key stakeholders, including our very own president, Tony Rojas.

“The 2015 internship project was a terrific introduction to what life is really like at Slalom for our software engineers,” says Sam Strickler, solution owner for the project. “Not only were they introduced to new technologies, but they also got hands-on experience in how our teams operate in a fast-paced consulting environment and how, above all else, the goal is to get a high-quality product out the door.”

The app, Mobile MyTime, launched to a pilot group of users in September 2015, and was rolled out to the entire company later in the fall.

“As expected, they knocked it out of the park.”

Sam Strickler, Slalom solution owner

Year one in review

I am thrilled with the results from the first year of this program. Not only did we create a successful real-world project experience, two of our three interns joined our Slalom team full time.

“My internship was a mix of learning and mentoring combined with real-world deadlines and expectations,” says Hayley Garment, Slalom intern-turned-software-engineer. “I was happily surprised by all the talented and supportive colleagues I got (and get) to work with, as well as by how much I learned and grew in just ten weeks!”

Joel Forman is a managing director on Slalom’s Cross-Market team. Joel helps lead the software engineering team in our Seattle delivery center, and founded Slalom’s Cross-Market internship program in 2015.


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