Whitepaper - The promise of enterprise-wide data management in the power utility sector

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Why power utilities should implement enterprise-wide data management

On December 13, 2015, France’s Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, stood in front of a cheerful crowd to celebrate the landmark COP21 accord, knowing the hardest part of the journey to curb climate change was ahead. A day before, nearly 200 nations had agreed to implement policies and regulations to hold the increase in the global average temperature to below 2°C above pre-industrial levels.

New technologies and a strong political will are making it possible to curb climate change. However, what will be difficult for all countries, whether developed or developing, is the execution of the policies and regulations that come with COP21 accords—because they come at a cost.

Read our whitepaper to learn how power utilities can meet the new COP21 accords while increasing profit.

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Anirudh Rao

Anirudh Rao is a consultant in Slalom's San Francisco office with extensive experience delivering business and technical solutions to clients in the energy and utilities industries. Anirudh has deep experience in advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart grid, and enterprise asset management, and has worked on transformation engagements in process consulting, package evaluation, and solution design for large utilities.

Bernard Laurendeau

Bernard Laurendeau is a power and utilities expert in Slalom’s San Francisco office. He has deep experience championing strategic initiatives, including performance and operational improvements, across private, public, and non-profit sectors. Bernard is especially interested in grid digitization, clean tech, and energy access in emerging countries. He holds a master's degree in Mechanical Engineering from ENSTA (France), an MS in Aerospace Engineering, and an MBA from Georgia Tech.

Bernard Laurendeau is no longer with Slalom.

Chitta Shirolkar

Chitta Shirolkar is a solution principal in Slalom’s Data & Analytics practice in San Francisco. He has led several engagements in data management/governance, data quality, and analytics strategy in the utility, oil & gas, high-tech, and banking and insurance industries. Chitta is an expert in identifying business value of data initiatives and leading data improvement initiatives. He holds an MBA from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University.

Raphael Casadei

Raphael Casadei is a consultant in Slalom’s San Francisco office. His international consulting career has focused on helping utilities face industry challenges driven by regulatory, technological, and customer demand changes. Raphael has helped clients through the definition and implementation of strategic programs across energy transmission, distribution, and retail.


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