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DevOps Slalom AWS re:Invent

DevOps at Slalom

Better, faster, smarter software delivery

No one said innovation was easy. Creating new digital products and experiences requires an environment where teams can come together to fail fast, prove quickly, and learn every step of the way. DevOps helps lay the foundation.

DevOps recognizes the dependencies between development and operations for the successful release of quality software, integrating engineering, QA, release, and operations. Automated delivery and iterative sprints shorten feedback loops, reduce risk, and improve value.

We believe that DevOps is successful when applied not just as a tool, but as a process. The only way to deliver on the promise of Agile is to optimize the entire delivery pipeline.

Learn more about our DevOps philosophy.

Amazon Partner Network DevOps Competency

We're proud to have earned the Amazon Partner Network DevOps Competency for our demonstrated experience helping clients leverage the AWS platform and DevOps best practices to build and ship great software.

"We’re not just going to pick a tool and implement it—we’re going to look at the way your people work and make recommendations about how you can change to help evangelize DevOps in your organization.”
Joel Forman, Slalom practice area director

Our approach


We’ve been helping companies adopt DevOps principles to build better software since our inception.

Best-practice tools

We’re well versed in DevOps tools across technology stacks.

Change expertise

DevOps is complicated, and change is hard. We’ll bring seasoned organizational change experts to help instill and evangelize DevOps best practices throughout your organization.


We’re in your neighborhood and ready to get to work. Our regional delivery centers combine the best of our local market resources with our cross-market scale.

DevOps Slalom AWS re:Invent

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