DevOps and DevSecOps at Slalom

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DevSecOps at Slalom

DevOps and DevSecOps
at Slalom

Better, faster results at the intersection of teams and technology

Invention isn’t plug-and-play. Creating new digital products and experiences requires an environment where teams can come together to fail fast, prove quickly, and learn every step of the way. DevSecOps helps lay the foundation. It’s the only way to unlock the potential of the cloud and the promise of Agile to accelerate innovation.

DevOps integrates engineering, QA, release, and operations. Automated delivery and iterative sprints shorten feedback loops, reduce risk, and improve value.

DevSecOps goes a step further by building in automated security checkpoints. When combined with the inherent security benefits of modern cloud platforms, this enables unprecedented protection from costly vulnerabilities.

We believe that DevSecOps is successful when applied not just as a collection of tools, but as a holistic process, grounded in a DevOps mindset. Learn more about our DevOps philosophy.

We're proud to have earned the Amazon Partner Network DevOps Competency and Microsoft Application Development Competency for our experience helping clients build and ship great software on these platforms.

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"We’re not just going to pick a tool and implement it—we’re going to look at the way your people work and make recommendations about how you can change to help evangelize DevOps in your organization.”
– Joel Forman, Slalom managing director of cloud, DevOps, and security

Our approach


We’ve helped some of the world's biggest brands adopt DevOps principles to build better software.

Best-practice tools

We’re well versed in DevOps and security tools across technology stacks.

Change expertise

DevOps is complicated, and change is hard. We’ll bring seasoned organizational change experts to help instill and evangelize best practices throughout your organization.


Real-time collaboration fosters trust and speeds success. We're ready to work with you in markets across the U.S., U.K., and Canada, with regional delivery centers to accelerate innovation.


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