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John Tobin

Doing the right thing, always.

September 4, 2014

There’s a reason Consulting magazine has named Slalom among the top three firms to work for.

At Slalom Consulting, we take our core values seriously. We place an obsessive priority on staying true to them, and use them to guide how we work with our clients and our colleagues.

Following those principles has helped us to grow from a small Seattle consulting operation to an international business with more than 2,700 employees worldwide and $550 million in annual revenue.

Our values are the backbone of a unique culture in which we encourage our employees to do their best work professionally and have a fulfilling personal life when the work day is done.

Our local model, backed by national teams and solution centers, means that our consultants work where they live with no unwanted travel. It also drives higher client satisfaction by providing experts who understand the local market and economy while providing top-notch solutions and services.

Within every market, we go after and win business with the most impressive and innovative companies. As a result, our consultants have a wide variety of opportunities to choose from, and our company has an impressive resume of accomplishments.

Do you share our core values? Let’s talk.

John Tobin is the co-founder and president of Slalom Consulting. He is responsible for driving the overall vision, direction, strategy, and operations for Slalom’s 16 offices.


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