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Slalom hackathons

Pushing technology to the edge

Slalom hackathons instill a culture of curiosity, collaboration, and continuous exploration. They encourage us to share our expertise and ideas with each other, fail fast and prove quickly, and unearth new ways to solve old problems.

And, by challenging us to push the latest technologies to the edge, they build valuable domain expertise that can help us pair our clients with the best solutions for their business challenges.

An experiment that worked

Unlike other hackathons that run for 24 or 72 hours, Slalom’s hackathons give teams the chance to participate without having to pull all-nighters or spend weekends away from their families and hobbies. The unique format was “an experiment at first,” says Jeremiah Dangler, solution principal and program manager of Slalom’s hackathons. “And it worked.”

“A lot of people have families, a lot of people have client obligations, and trying to squeeze in a hackathon with all your other responsibilities is a challenge,” says Dangler. “It doesn't go with Slalom's work-life balance, or our core values.”

It also produces better results. He adds, “It gives teams the opportunity to dive into the technology, understand it, and produce solutions that are often usable, at least in a proof of concept state.”

Digital optics in the background Digital optics in the background
Digital network

Artificial intelligence hackathon

Over six months, 23 Slalom teams from across the U.S. and Canada put their heads and hearts together to create solutions using AI technologies. Nine finalist teams met in Chicago in hopes of taking home the gold. The winners—a first-ever tie—were a drone that can recognize missing persons and a platform that scrapes classified ad sites for sex trafficking information to help law enforcement find traffickers and rescue victims.
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Man in a blue shirt wearing HoloLens and making pointing motion with fingers on right hand

Microsoft HoloLens hackathon

Slalom partnered with Microsoft to host our first ever HoloLens hackathon championship. Six teams from all of Slalom’s delivery centers—Boston, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and Toronto—came together at Microsoft’s campus to present their innovative HoloLens creations in front of a panel of Microsoft judges, in hopes of winning first place.

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“Alexa, ask the team to hack the Amazon Echo”

Teams from our delivery centers came together to create new apps for the Amazon Echo. The results: being able to ask Alexa to book you a conference room and for advice on the age-old dilemma of what to get for lunch. “Now we know these things can be done,” says Slalom Boston’s Justin Lee, “so when developing software for clients, we can say, ‘With Echo, I was able to work around a limitation of being able to talk to something directly—and that might work here.‘”


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