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Slalom Customer.Connect Salesforce Fullforce Program

Introducing Slalom’s Customer.Connect

Optimize every customer interaction with our new Salesforce solution, part of the Salesforce Fullforce Program.

Mike Jortberg | August 28, 2015

Cloud computing, mobile technology, and digital marketing have transformed how brands interact with consumers.

In retail, predictable metrics of in-store traffic counts and direct-mail response rates have evolved. Now we measure hyper-connected, omnichannel, micro-moment shopping with impressions, click-thrus, app downloads, and store visits leading to sales. Travel, hospitality, and other consumer industries have faced similar shifts.

Slalom has participated in this evolution over the past 10 years, supporting some of the most innovative retailers, travel, hospitality, and franchise companies with their client engagement initiatives. Now we’re taking our next step forward with a new retail accelerator for our clients.

Enter Slalom’s Customer.Connect

We’re excited to announce Slalom’s Customer.Connect, a bundled set of solutions built on the Salesforce platform through the Salesforce Fullforce Program to help companies accelerate their digital marketing and optimize every interaction across the customer engagement lifecycle.

“We are thrilled that Slalom has been recognized as a Salesforce Fullforce Solution partner to transform how companies connect with their customers in retail,” said Kori O’Brien, vice president, global alliances and industry solutions, Salesforce. “We work closely with Salesforce Fullforce Solution partners to ensure our customers benefit from leading partners' industry expertise with Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform.”

Our Customer.Connect retail accelerator is a set of solutions that includes:

  • In-store associate and manager clienteling applications
  • Digital marketing engagement strategies and segmentation models for starting or connecting your loyalty program to in-store traffic
  • Contact center for customer care, consumer affairs, loyalty, credit card, or web support centers
  • Loyalty program design, point administration, and a companion consumer mobile app

Customer.Connect speeds the time to market by reducing the level of effort to brainstorm, design, and deploy a modern, mobile cloud solution.

Heading to the Gartner Customer 360 Summit or Salesforce Dreamforce conferences? Swing by the Slalom booth to learn more about Customer.Connect, or reach out directly to Mike Jortberg.

Mike Jortberg is the practice area director of Slalom’s cross-market CRM and Customer Experience practice.


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