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Don’t just exist in a digital era. Live in a digital world.

We’re in an era of unprecedented organizational investment in digital. Because of this investment, customers are giving organizations more of themselves to receive more value in return. With the right digital platforms and experiences, organizations can now uncover what once were undiscoverable high-value insights behind customers’ habits and behaviors.

At Slalom, we help organizations unleash the power of their people and customer data through digital platforms that improve the lives of customers and maximize business impact.

Unleashing the greatest value of any endeavor means establishing a purpose and then enabling that purpose. We help organizations make this invaluable connection between purpose and their digital and data ventures. We design and activate core enablement factors across strategy, people, process, technology, and information, weaving digital and data-powered insights into the soul of the business.

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Increase customer engagement and tenure.

We combine research, strategy, and design to deliver personalized experiences for your customers, successfully and seamlessly across touch points.
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Realize monetized value from customer data.

We find the data that matters, and then distill, analyze, and manage that data to enable monetization.
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Deliver digital platforms on your own in the future.

We build strategic, creative, and technical teams with the mindsets, skills and behaviors to continually usher you further into the age of digital.

Learn how our creative visionaries, business strategists, data scientists, and experienced engineers get to work and drive outcomes.

We don’t just think digital, we live it. And we’ll help you live it, too.

There’s a difference between dreaming up new and innovative solutions and actual execution. Slalom does both. If you’re searching for the next digital gamechanger, we help you find it. If you already have great ideas in place, we help validate them and develop a widely accepted value proposition. Either way, we provide the strategic, creative, and technological skills to bring ideas to life, side by side with you and your organization.

Our integrated view of data means you receive platforms that improve and develop as your organization does.

Our people have strong backgrounds in data—procuring it, understanding it, and using it to derive new insights and value. We embed data expertise into every digital platform we touch, making continual strategic adjustments that minimize costs and maximize results.

We evangelize better, faster, and smarter digital platform delivery within your organization.

Creating new digital platforms and experiences requires an environment where teams can come together to fail fast, prototype quickly, and learn every step of the way. Our approach to DevOps helps lay the foundation, so you not only get a better process, but a more collaborative and comprehensive result.

We help you deliver on your own in the future.

We believe strategy without execution ignores the forces that shape value. We use our peoples’ functional, technological, and business expertise to ensure our clients have the knowledge, tools, and support they need to succeed long after we’re gone.

We are relentless in learning and growing—and bringing what we've discovered back to you.

We continuously test disruptive approaches and solutions to business challenges utilizing the latest technological advancements and concepts. We bring these skills and technologies to help you solve problems in new ways earlier than others, establishing you at the frontier of your industry.

We see it as how we innately work, but others call it agile.

We build what our clients need. We bring the agile development principles, transparency, and controls to every digital project.

We have a unique model for developing your digital platforms.

Our delivery centers combine expertise, process, and proximity to solve your most complex problems, while offering the fastest time-to-market available. This model allows us to control risk and eliminate technical debt by keeping our development onshore.

Check out how we’ve helped our clients Live Digital.


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