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Organizational culture

The most important asset to differentiate your company

For decades, organizations have been measuring profitability, turnover, customer satisfaction, etc., but only recently has organizational culture become a focus for leaders across industries. Why all this fuss about culture? Every company has a culture, and this culture influences the behaviors of every employee, every day. An organization’s culture acutely impacts business results, from process efficiency, to customer loyalty, to achieving strategic goals. As our workforce becomes increasingly skilled, culture is a relatively cost effective way for an organization to differentiate itself as an employer and retain and engage top talent.

Organizations focus (and excel) on what they measure. Companies have learned to expertly analyze financial metrics and improve process efficiency. However, organizational culture – which is often ignored because it seems vague and hard to quantify – has proven time and again to be a powerful force that can topple otherwise well thought out corporate strategies. It is time to start measuring culture.


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