Webinar - Into the beyond: Salesforce transformation series

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Into the beyond

Salesforce transformation webinar series

Transform your marketing, sales, or field service program with Salesforce

Learn how in our on-demand webinar series

In our Mission to Salesforce webinar, we shared our own Salesforce journey to illuminate everything that goes into a successful Salesforce implementation. Now we’re taking you a step beyond.

Get practical, inspiring guidance to tackle significant business transformations with Salesforce, including end-to-end marketing automation, B2B sales in the digital environment, and world-class field service management. Subject matter experts from across Slalom will help you understand where to start and how to move forward successfully, with plenty of real-world examples to bring concepts to life.

Abstract image of lines symbolizing marketing technology implementation over time

Mastering the curve

How to build a flexible marketing foundation

Marketing transformations are not easy. Get moving in the right direction with our complete guide to evaluating, implementing, and executing on a marketing automation platform.

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business customer hands on keyboard

Digital selling

Engaging B2B customers in the cloud

The customer engagement cycle of marketing, sales, and support can be 100% digital. We’ll share insights about the latest trends and how we’ve helped some of our biggest clients transform into digital organizations.

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beautiful but desolate Martian landscape symbolizing challenges of field service

How to survive on Mars

Tackling the complexity of field service

Increased automation, shifting demographics in the field workforce, and the “Amazon effect” are making field service more relevant and prevalent in the market. We’ll walk through how to start addressing the overwhelming complexity that is field service.

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