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Slalom digital strategy digital native

Strategy as a digital native

Slalom is a digital native. Are you?

October 21, 2015

The speed and change of digital innovation has wrought radical transformation on a wide range of industries. In today's shifting competitive landscape, nearly every aspect of every business has been impacted—from supply chains to product design to customer engagement.

Just as post-millennial digital natives seamlessly integrate technology into their lives, so must leaders seamlessly integrate technology into their companies to thrive in the digital age.

Digital has transformed the way those who lead and win approach strategy

Company leaders often face multiple challenges when making strategic business decisions, and those decisions aren’t always informed by a deep understanding of the range of possible solutions and considerations from a digital perspective. At the same time, the velocity of change confronting leaders has increased dramatically, raising the stakes of each decision.

Companies that separate business strategy and digital strategy are at risk of making decisions that are based on ill-informed assumptions, or poorly executed, because the strategic decision-maker is not able to successfully articulate the vision to those who implement it.

Insight across channels, divisions, and disciplines

Digital strategy spans multiple business and digital domains and can offer companies a holistic perspective for more effective problem-solving. Only with this integrated view can the best digital solution be identified and leveraged—not only to move forward, but to leapfrog the competition.

Once a company has defined its digital strategy, it is essential to execute with direct strategic oversight, ensuring that the vision leverages the best available technical realization. Success factors include:

  • Grounding your overarching strategy in capabilities to build an actionable digital strategy
  • Identifying priorities and building a detailed plan with a structured framework
  • Separating substance from hype by gaining a deep understanding of new technologies and emerging trends
  • Engaging a partner to ensure that a new technology offers true business value and ROI while delighting your customer

Decisions like platforms, frameworks, and collaboration tools might have been deemed “tactical” in the past, but no longer. Those decisions can enable or inhibit future growth and opportunities, and are an essential part of business strategy.

That’s why companies like Amazon and Google, with integrated technical and business leadership, and a strong focus on execution, outperform most traditional organizations. Those companies are digital natives.

When selecting a partner to navigate the digital world, consider how deep their digital knowledge extends. Will they be able to help you meet your current challenges, while also securing your future success?

Slalom is a digital native. Are you?


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