Blog - The case for delivery centers: part three

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The case for delivery centers

The case for delivery centers: part three

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Want to boost innovation, while attracting and retaining top talent? Watch our 60-minute webinar: Build a world-changing delivery team. Mike Cowden, Slalom general manager, will share the roadmap to creating an innovative, efficient, and inspired delivery team in-house.

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Geeking out and building game-changing software: how Slalom’s culture attracts top software development talent.

Arthur Best and Steve Resnick | February 3, 2016

New to this series? Start with part one, an overview about Slalom’s delivery center model, and then read part two, how we assemble our software delivery teams to build solutions for our clients.

Slalom’s delivery network

When it comes to solving nebulous business problems, nothing beats real-time collaboration. Our regional delivery centers bring together cross-functional teams to deliver custom-built digital products and experiences.

Meet Slalom’s delivery network

Our delivery centers are staffed with software development ninjas who build top-notch solutions. We hire amazing people and work hard to create an environment that empowers and enables individuals to be their true selves.

We’ve brought together talented people who share a love for technology, and our culture in each delivery center has naturally grown around that shared passion. Basically, we’re a bunch of nerds (and I say that affectionately) who love geeking out together over new tech.

So how do we keep these talented folks engaged? Why would these in-demand rock stars elect to work at Slalom when they can get a gig just about anywhere? We believe that one of the biggest reasons is our culture.

Hackathons, boot camps, and LAN parties

Our culture manifests into structured events like hackathons, brown bags, and boot camps, where we experiment with everything from the Amazon Echo and the Internet of Things to deep dives into the latest JavaScript frameworks and front-end technologies.


Slalom’s software engineering internship program

Our software engineering interns get hands-on experience with new technologies, learn agile delivery best practices, and work side by side with seasoned software engineers and developers.

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We also have subtler, more organic manifestations of our culture, such as study groups, board game nights, and LAN parties (anyone up for some Quake 2?). And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Nerf gun wars, shuffleboard battles, and happy hours. All these events are fueled by our love for software and the desire to share our technical know-how with each other.

The glue that brings this all together is a deep-seated value of collaboration. We prioritize sharing our knowledge with each other and equipping our teammates to be the best engineers they can be. Mentorship and professional development opportunities are the natural by-products of a genuine desire to teach and learn from one another. And this works beautifully in our delivery centers where we have energetic early-career engineers collaborating with seasoned veterans.

To ensure this culture of collaboration remains vibrant, we have a culture committee in each delivery center. These committees are chartered with fostering our unique culture and providing opportunities for our amazing teams to sate their technological curiosity. These grassroots groups ensure we stay intentional about promoting the passions that permeate our delivery centers.

In the end, this all adds up to success—both for our employees and our clients. A culture that produces increasingly effective engineers, combined with a commitment to work/life balance, means happy engineers producing quality software for satisfied clients.

Arthur Best

Arthur Best is a solution principal with Slalom's cross-market delivery team. He’s passionate about building and leading amazing teams that can create stellar solutions to clients’ hairiest problems.

Steve Resnick

Steve Resnick is a practice area director at Slalom Boston’s delivery center. He serves clients by providing the people, processes, and places that enable everyone to do their best work.


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