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Two Slalom consultants honored with Tableau Zen Master title

September 4, 2014

November 2016 update: Since this article was originally published, Slalom has welcomed a new class of Tableau Zen Masters: Brit Cava, Allan Walker, and Zen Master Alum Nelson Davis.

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At the 2014 Tableau Conference, Slalom's Peter Gilks and Nelson Davis were designated Zen Masters for their innovative work using Tableau software.

Zen Masters are selected by Tableau employees and customers who vote for the past year’s most outstanding practitioners of the company’s software. In order to be designated a Zen Master, Tableau users must meet a number of criteria, which include demonstrating their deep understanding of data visualization, sharing their expertise as teachers and evangelists, and contributing innovative ideas and designs to the larger viz community.

Gilks, a Data Visualization & Discovery Consultant in the New York office, was recognized in large part for his award-winning blog, Paint By Numbers, which consistently provides cutting-edge insights into viz creation and design.

“Peter’s passion for creative innovation has pushed the data visualization revolution for the Slalom and Tableau communities,” said Jim Gurney, a Slalom practice area leader of data visualization and discovery. “His mission has always been to tell impactful stories through visualizing data, and he’s helping so many people.”

Like Gilks, Davis has been a committed champion of Tableau, using his own blog, The Vizioneer, to share the thought process behind his many useful and eye-catching visualizations. An information management consultant in Slalom’s Atlanta office, Davis helps lead the Tableau team there and is a very active member of the Atlanta Tableau User’s Group. Author of the Tableau 30 for 30 blog series, Davis’s visualizations have won Viz of the Day awards on multiple occasions.

“Nelson has taken the advanced capabilities that Tableau provides and been able to apply them in a way that makes a tremendous difference in the daily lives of our clients,” said Todd Heil, Slalom practice area director. “He personifies what it means to be a true consultant by helping his clients improve their businesses through an entirely new lens.”

Both Davis and Gilks have excelled at sharing their passion and knowledge with fellow Tableau users, regularly speaking at conferences and events and helping raise the art of data visualization and design to new levels—both at Slalom and in the larger Tableau community. As artists, mentors, collaborators, and leaders, their designation as Zen Masters is richly deserved.


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