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Why Slalom is
consistently a
Tableau Partner
of the Year

A consultant’s take on what makes our Tableau approach so unique—and the most rewarding part of empowering clients with data.

Amer Numan | February 7, 2017

Slalom has been named Tableau's 2016 North and South America Alliance Partner of the Year, making it our fourth consecutive win.

I personally believe that Slalom's success with Tableau doesn’t stem from implementing software at a lot of places or from authoring dashboards that map against lists of requirements. I believe our success comes from our ability to enable people to extract insights—from seemingly arbitrary heaps of data—that help them spend less time arriving at decisions, and more time taking action.

“The biggest reward for me is seeing those ‘aha!’ moments materialize on a daily basis.”

Most importantly, our interactive solutions enable clients to indulge their unique, natural sense of discovery.

Through interaction-focused design, teams can simulate complex what-if scenarios, examine historical data, detect trends and anomalies, and prepare for different outcomes in minutes.

Some of my favorite examples from recent projects are:

  • A pharmaceutical company lab department navigated a two-billion-row dataset with new molecule and clinical study data. An analyst determined the two molecules exhibiting a success pattern, for discussion at her morning meeting with lab technicians.

  • An insurance firm tracked its industry position and customer segmentation as of year-end 2016. The marketing team determined the top five customer segments to target in an upcoming campaign.

  • A media company investigated a recent dip in video session duration on one of their popular websites. In minutes, a pattern from a specific content provider was identified, and an error preventing mobile video streaming was reported and resolved.
“Our interactive solutions enable clients to indulge their unique, natural sense of discovery.”

The biggest reward for me is seeing those “aha!” moments materialize on a daily basis. Those moments are only possible through user-led discovery, rather than static, pre-narrated visualizations like "West Coast Sales for Product A" or "Views by Millennials on Mobile."

We help unleash companies’ user bases by giving them tools to be able to construct their own points and back them up with evidence. As they try it and see that it works, adoption rises organically. Users are gradually transformed by the discovery process, and Tableau doesn’t come up in conversation anymore. It becomes a new, seamless way of working.

This user-empowered approach differentiates Slalom and demonstrates our commitment to purpose-driven consulting. It also allows us to leverage Tableau's full range of capabilities—beyond charts and toward holistic analytical stories.

This post was originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.

Amer Numan

Amer Numan is a certified Information Management & Analytics consultant with Slalom, with more than 10 years of experience in enterprise business intelligence, data management, strategy, and user experience design. Amer is passionate about leveraging data visualization applications to make work a little more fun—and a whole lot more productive. Follow him on Twitter: @NUM4N


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