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Group of diverse employees working together

Slalom believes AI should be used responsibly, allowing every member of an organization to reach their greatest potential. Paired with Google Cloud technology, our AI and ML capabilities can enable and scale the positive impact of AI on your business. 

Group of diverse employees working together

We’re proud to be a Premier Sponsor of the Google Cloud Applied ML Summit


Explore the latest cutting-edge AI tools for developing, deploying, and managing ML models at scale. Reach out to connect with us before, during, or after the summit. 

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Did you miss the Google Cloud Applied ML Summit?

Mark Kobe speaking at Google Summit
Mark Kobe speaking at Google Summit
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Helping save lives with AI


See how we partnered with the American Cancer Society and Google Cloud to discover patterns in breast cancer tissues using machine learning.  

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Our AI principles

We follow five core principles to help you create a modern AI-powered organization.

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