Video - Onshore is the new offshore

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Onshore is the new offshore—really


New and emerging technologies are redefining the relationship between onshore and offshore processes, demanding more collaborative and local partnerships. Here, Mike Cowden, Slalom Cross-Market general manager, discusses the shift from offshore to onshore and how Slalom is staying ahead of the demand. By providing valuable skills, local knowledge, and face-to-face collaboration, we leverage onshore demands to bring customers the solutions to their business needs.

“The advent of SAAS and cloud-based technologies is really driving more collaborative work between development organizations and their business partners.”
—Mike Cowden, Slalom general manager, delivery network
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Want to boost innovation, while attracting and retaining top talent? Watch our 60-minute webinar: Build a world-changing delivery team. Mike Cowden, Slalom general manager, will share the roadmap to creating an innovative, efficient, and inspired delivery team in-house.

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