vizOS: a data viz operating system

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Presenting vizOS: the next-gen interface for the modern data visualization platform

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You want to make the most of your data visualizations in your business, but there’s something missing. The UI isn’t cutting it; your business groups are using multiple different viz tools; and you want your Tableau vizzes to play with their interactive D3 counterparts.

That’s where vizOS comes in. It’s the world’s first data visualization operating system. Think of it as the next-generation interface to the modern data viz platform. Compatible with Tableau, Qlik, D3, Looker, Excel 365, and Google Sheets, its simple, modern UI allows you to create and combine dashboards on the fly from any device.

A data viz interface that brings all your disparate users together

  • Tableau, D3, Qlik, Looker, Excel 365, and Google Sheets dashboards
  • Moveable data viz panes to create custom canvases
  • Tableau dashboards and Qlik Sense apps combined in the browser
  • Simple, clean interface puts your data visualizations front and center
  • Create custom data viz canvases and save for future use

Allow your users to consume and interact with data as they desire

  • Add and remove data visualizations
  • Create mashups that leverage your existing tool strengths
  • Supercharge your analysts’ ability to quickly create compelling stories
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vizOS data viz operating system tableau software browser based qlik d3

vizOS features


The ultimate in data viz simplicity


Sleek, app-like UI


Movable, adaptable vizes

100% browser-based

Combine dashboards in the browser


Modify bookmarks and layouts


Works with Tableau, Qlik, D3, Looker, Excel 365, and Google Sheets


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