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We've never met a technical challenge we didn't like

Building great technology has always been core to what we do. We’ve partnered with hundreds of companies across every industry to solve their most complicated technical challenges. 

From cloud-native apps and data pipelines to CRM and collaboration, we’ll help you get the most out of your technology investments while mitigating the risks that come with change. And we’ll make sure your team is prepared to maintain, support, and scale your solution.

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slalom build

Build as a service

Slalom Build is your partner in creating the products of tomorrow. Our team works with you to unlock the potential of modern technology, using our flexible, collaborative, and repeatable methodology to accomplish your most impactful initiatives.

Create a better future with Intelligent Products

In today's highly competitive business world, customers expect to have easy and customized interactions that work well every time they interact with a company. We help companies create intelligent products that go beyond artificial intelligence by bringing together people, platforms, and processes to provide the most relevant and complete experiences possible - in real-time and at scale.

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Intelligent Products
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Slalom Element

Explore the future

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Our clients have been asking us to push the boundaries of what’s possible, to help them explore the next frontier of technology and customer experiences, and to help them reach for and realize their futures. With Slalom Element you can stop talking about innovation and experience it hands-on.

AWS | Slalom Launch Centers

Modernize. Accelerate. Transform.

We’re building joint AWS | Slalom Launch Centers to accelerate customers’ migration to the cloud and help them modernize. Temporarily relocate your teams and reap the benefits of working directly with experts in a secure, immersive, collaborative environment that enables a culture of innovation and learning.

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Improve the future with data

From streamlining supply chains to curing cancer, data is the key to a better future. We partner deeply with our clients to understand their business imperatives and translate data into real-world results. 

We can help you deliver modern data platforms, beautiful dashboards, and game-changing AI solutions grounded in strategic thinkingunlocking new opportunities to cut costs, accelerate innovation, and win your customers' hearts.


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AI for All

Responsible AI, powered by humans

Slalom has helped hundreds of organizations use AI to automate repetitive processes, amplify efficiencies, generate rapid insights, and make sense of complex patterns. By using AI to improve decision-making, speed, and efficiency, we create new opportunities for people to do what only humans can—think creatively and innovate boldly. 

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ExtraSpace Storage

Slalom helped us build for the future with modern software development tools and processes, transforming our IT organization along the way.

Bron McCall Senior Vice President
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Are you ready to build the future?