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Each year, about a quarter of a million veterans transition from active-duty service. Translating their military training and experience to the private sector can be a challenge—a challenge Slalom Veterans takes as both a great honor and a great opportunity.

Says Jeff Northcutt, cross-market lead for Slalom Veterans, “It’s about living the Slalom core value of Do what is right, always by honoring the sacrifice this group of men and women have made on behalf of our country. And it’s not just right—it’s smart. Harnessing the incredible talent and experience of our veterans benefits our clients, partners, employees, and our local communities.”

I was the smallest guy in my whole Marine Corps platoon. We’d do these humps, marching for miles—my bag weighed almost as much as I did. I wanted to give up, but I learned to push through.

Soldier with child's drawing Soldier with child's drawing

In the military, I learned that no plan survives first contact. You can never be completely ready to execute. Always expect trouble, and be prepared to adapt.

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Are you a vet interested in working for Slalom? “We see a huge opportunity for veterans in the consulting industry and tech sector, given the skills and values learned during their military service,” says Jeff Northcutt. To that end, Slalom partners with these Veteran Service Organizations to train and recruit:

Our veteran partners

We also work with our technology partners in their efforts to support veterans.

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Slalom is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce that embraces a breadth of people and perspectives and reflects the communities in which we work and live.

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