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Making online ticketing better

When a major American airline wanted to boost customer satisfaction, we helped it make the online ticketing experience better.

The air travel experience has come a long way. Flying used to be an event; today, it’s a necessary means of getting from point A to point B—and not always a pleasant one. In a market teeming with hot deals and limited-time-only marketing offers, airlines need outstanding service and customer experience to survive. Our client, a major American airline, wanted to boost customer satisfaction. We partnered with them to lift their ecommerce engine’s efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy.

Improvement on the horizon

For many, air travel starts online. An airline’s website can make or break the customer experience, so site navigation, product browsing, and functionality are top priorities. Our client wanted to make the most of its website by remedying some core challenges:

  • Stale reporting

  • Inaccurate and conflicting results

  • Skills gap in database and digital analytics

  • Disconnect between analytics teams

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Connecting with customers

Using a two-regression-model approach to gauge overall site satisfaction, we focused on helping the airline use analytics to connect its customers with the information they want at the point of need.

  • Identified the data that’s important to customers by interviewing key stakeholders to determine the most important and most-requested content

  • Determined the availability and reliability of that data to ensure timely access to the right data for the right users

  • Centralized data storage by aggregating data from the airline’s enterprise data warehouse (EDW) and its online analytics platform

  • Designed and operationalized the analytics data mart for self-service BI

  • Automated and redesigned the ecommerce team’s recurring reports into a user-friendly format

  • Provided coaching on ad hoc requests to optimize data mart’s use and increase analytics adoption

“By streamlining its big data and providing more timely analytics, our client was able to make rapid changes within their marketing channels to increase customer satisfaction and improve overall Net Promoter Score.”
David Srochi, Business Development Executive
Slalom Consulting

First-class upgrade

The better a business knows its customers—and reacts to their needs and wants—the better satisfied its customers. That satisfaction hinges on the effective use of powerful analytics.

The airline’s new solution has increased the efficiency, timeliness, and accuracy of its ecommerce analytics. Our client has the information it needs to continue driving customer satisfaction with its online experience. Those data-driven insights will serve as the building blocks for evolving and enhancing its ongoing marketing initiatives.


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