Customer story - Apparel manufacturer and retailer - SAP upgrade

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Making faster, better decisions

When a large apparel retailer wanted to upgrade their business management tools, we helped it make faster, better decisions.

Organizations are only as smart at their business intelligence (BI) tools. Effective tools enable faster, more informed decisions that boost performance. For a major apparel manufacturer and retailer, an SAP BusinessObjects migration helped this set the stage for an effective platform that will evolve to meet the changing needs of the business.

Time for an upgrade

The company was ready to upgrade its aging instance of SAP BusinessObjects, but they sought the help of a partner. In addition to technical recommendations, it wanted help creating a strategic roadmap to assess and react to changing organizational needs and priorities.

Enter the Slalom team, and our approach to helping them blend BI, OE, and Business Strategy and Analysis capabilities into a single solution.

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Migration recommendations

The team interviewed stakeholders across the company, from IT to business leadership and power users, and solicited further feedback by surveying 800 users, all to better understand business goals and requirements. Based on that information, a limited pilot was launched to prove out the recommended technical migration approach. We helped deliver:

Prioritization matrix: This strategic roadmap outlines the prioritization of business units for migration based on value, effort, and impact

Recommendations: Our three-tiered approach outlines organizational capacity building to optimize the tools available within BusinessObjects v4.0

Approach and roadmap: These comprehensive artifacts encompass both technical and capability building activities

Ready to move

The manufacturer has the approach and mindset that it needs to embark on a strategic migration effort.

  • Helped deliver a migration approach and a clearly outlined migration plan

  • The project sponsor could make a clear and compelling case for the value and level of effort required for the migration

  • Shifted away from a simple “lift and shift” migration and proved the value of a strategic migration approach—one that prioritizes high-value, low-effect activities and realigns the platform with the evolving goals of the business

"I got exactly what I expected from Slalom ... and so much more! Your work includes some very insightful thinking—something that hasn't been seen here before."
BI senior manager

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