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Communicating with customers

When a global apparel retailer wanted to improve its marketing opt-in experience, we helped it better communicate with its customers.

Marketing emails walk a fine line between spam and engagement. As consumers, we want to receive content that’s tailored to our interests and shopping behaviors. We also want to make sure that our personal information is protected and our preferences respected. In turn, retailers want to connect their customers with relevant products and offers, while maintaining good customer relationships.

A global apparel retailer wanted to define its opt-in process for email marketing to improve success rates—and the customer experience.

“Our client was concerned: Did the competition have an edge on email capture? Were they being too conservative, or too liberal, in their approach? What could they learn from others’ successes—and failures?”
- Yvonne Koenigsberg, Solution Principal
Slalom’s Customer Engagement Practice

In search of email best practices

The company wanted to reassess how it used email addresses, specifically the process for customer opt-in confirmation. We worked with them to do a competitive assessment and provide recommendations.

Surveying the competition

The assessment focused on 20 competitors. After both in-store and online shopping experiences, we looked at follow-up email communications and opt-in confirmation—or lack thereof. The scope included timing, messaging, creative, calls to action, incentives, clarity, and barriers to completion, along with findings from third-party research.

lower bounce rates
higher engagement rates
immediate communication with customers

Better success rates. Better customer experience.

We help deliver a set of confirmed opt-in (COI) recommendations and best practices for both email and the online shopping experience—findings that confirmed the retailer was on the right track. As always, we focused on quality over quantity. While confirmed opt-in does result in smaller list size, it translates to a more engaged, interested, and brand-loyal audience. COI users also report better deliverability, open, and conversion rates.

The retailer has put the recommendations into action to inform future campaigns. The results: better success rates and a better customer experience.


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