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Connecting with more customers


When a global apparel brand wanted to improve its digital marketing platform, we helped it connect with more customers with no disruption in sales.

In retail, timing is everything. Missing an opportunity to connect with customers on Cyber Monday or Black Friday isn’t an option. A reliable email service provider (ESP) is also mission-critical. Retailers rely on direct email marketing to engage with brand loyalists—and on-again, off-again brand enthusiasts—to drive conversion.

When a global apparel brand outgrew its email service provider, we helped evaluate solutions and drive the platform migration—without disrupting the business during the busy holiday season.

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Urgent search for a new provider

The company sends billions of emails each year. That high volume easily tests the limits of many ESPs. Having outgrown its existing solution, the retailer engaged us to help evaluate ESPs, select the best-fit vendor, standardize workflows, and lead the migration to the new platform—quickly and without flaws.


  • Equipped for high volume: With roughly 300 messages being sent a minute, the company needed an ESP robust and mature enough to support its operational needs.

  • Standardized and streamlined processes: Nineteen unique business divisions across the company were executing communications in 19 different ways, resulting in a host of inefficiencies.

Goal #1: Become more efficient in tools and processes.

Goal #2: Increase the effectiveness of campaign strategies with data-driven insights.

The path to transformation

Foundation: We studied the organization’s challenges, goals, and vision for the future and collaborated with each brand division to get a complete picture of the company’s marketing campaigns, upcoming projects, and workflows—noting pain points with the company’s legacy solution throughout the discovery process.

Evaluation: Next, our cross-functional team led an RFP evaluation. We interviewed the top-five ESPs in the industry, looking for vendors with both the technical and services capabilities to support the size and scale of the retailer’s growing business. After rigorous review and scoring, the team chose the best-fit provider.

Migration: The migration effort was extensive, including everything from migrating business-critical campaigns and transactional messages to rebuilding registration pages and training employees on the new platform's workflows and tools. We approached the project in phases, completing the migration in seven months.

billions of emails sent each year
300 plus emails sent each minute
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Personalized—and effective—digital marketing

This high-visibility project helped transformed the company's digital marketing program. With round-the-clock availability and rich functionality, the new solution serves as a solid foundation for continued business growth and marketing effectiveness.

  • Personalized, dynamic communication: Instead of delivering static, promo-driven messages to customers, the online retailer is shifting gears toward sending customized communications that better serve the needs of the business and the customer—in a scalable way. The new platform is enabling this shift with personalized, timely content and effective test and measurement.

  • Collaborative effort: The migration effort also prompted better collaboration between IT and marketing, allowing the two teams to align on business requirements and a shared vision.

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