Customer story - Athletic apparel manufacturer

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Creating a path to the cloud

When a global athletic apparel company wanted to make the leap to the cloud, we helped create a path to get there.

It’s an all-too-common scenario: a business wants to take advantage of the cloud, but isn’t sure where to begin. A large athletic apparel manufacturer wanted to better understand the potential of cloud computing to increase the delivery speed of new IT solutions, reduce the cost of infrastructure, and distribute hardware and network costs to the appropriate business groups. We partnered with them to perform a comprehensive cloud platform assessment to help make that cloud vision a reality.

Our work hinged upon three core objectives:

    1. Deconstructing the cloud—both what it is and what it could and should mean to our client

    2. Identifying scenarios where the cloud is a good fit for the business

    3. Providing actionable guidance to walk our client through its cloud journey


Step 1

Host an offsite cloud summit to give the company an overview of the cloud landscape and options and identify next steps.

Step 2

Evaluate the leading cloud solutions in the context of specific business scenarios. The team identified the top two solutions for the client and worked with each cloud vendor to quickly build a proof of concept to demonstrate the benefits.

Step 3

Capture the deployment pros and cons for each cloud service and estimated the cost of running each application (production) on each service.

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A closer look: offsite cloud summit

The roster: Company decision makers, cloud experts, and cloud alliance partners

The location: Slalom Seattle

Our goal: Educate those decision makers on the cloud and help them identify a model that meets the company’s innovation needs while supporting the goals of corporate infrastructure.

The outcomes:

  • Specific detail around what the team is going to accomplish

  • Agreement on the planned approach

  • List of priorities

The summit gave the retailer a chance to ask questions, direct to the cloud experts. It gave the alliance partners an opportunity to demonstrate the value of their cloud solutions. It gave us a chance to better understand the company's needs and goals. And it ultimately armed them to make informed decisions on all-things cloud.

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Cloud assessment complete

In addition to helping our client establish a workable cloud strategy, we provided a high-level introduction to the cloud. We walked through each platform to provide an actionable evaluation grounded in key business objectives. We also developed a framework for evaluating cloud applications and selecting a platform.

Our contributions are already being put into play. We’re helping our client use the cloud to collaborate faster on a global scale—taking its design work to the next level.


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