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kids playing soccer

Keeping kids healthy

When a global athletic apparel company wanted to improve kids' health, we helped get kids moving.

Physical activity is on the decline, especially with today’s youth. And the impact of inactivity isn’t just a health issue, it’s an economic concern. Not only are today’s 10-year-olds the first generation projected to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents, physical inactivity has a huge financial cost to the US as well.

Our client, an athletic apparel manufacturer, is determined to get kids moving, so it engaged a collection of expert organizations across a variety of focus areas to help forward the initiative. Organizing and coordinating such a group of experts, however, proved to be time-intensive and easily fragmented.

Our client needed an online platform to engage community members and internal management. An online platform that's always-on, collaborative, and connected to the team's internal tools was imperative to eliminate their challenges.

Providing a complete and centralized view of member organizations, contacts, activity history, and communications was key. Knowing this, we set out to assist our client in building a Salesforce-based collaborative community to help members unite behind a common goal: getting kids active.

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Global collaboration

For the program to truly achieve its goals, the company wanted to transition from driving the global initiative to supporting it. It needed a site that would allow the diverse member group to network, collaborate, and share—both with each other and with its internal management team. Prior to this online effort, communications were client-driven and one-to-one, requiring information to be repeatedly shared across organizations, rather than being efficiently provided to all at once.

To better engage community members, it needed a solution that would help it overcome:

  • One-way communication between its internal team and community members

  • Lack of collaboration and networking between community members

  • Lack of centralized program resources and marketing collateral

  • Flurry of activity around events, rather than steady, ongoing participation

The company also wanted to help its internal team better manage its program interactions, such as sending assets to experts and communicating information about events. To do so, it needed to move away from manual spreadsheets and one-off email communications, along with the added ability to track communications and access basic account and contact info.

10 week delivery
English and Portuguese
global community
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Salesforce solution

We helped the manufacturer's internal team to identify its needs, and the needs of the community members around the globe. We then helped create a custom-branded global Salesforce customer community that supports both English- and Portuguese-speaking experts.

Features for community members include:

  • Organization profiles: Members have the ability to create and share profiles so peers can learn more about participating organizations and their involvement

  • Personal profiles: They can also see the individuals within organizations—viewing areas of expertise, professional affiliations, languages, and more—to nurture connections and collaboration

  • Custom event calendar: Because much of the program is event-driven, members benefit from visibility into global events

  • Inspiration: In addition to seeing which events are coming up, members can use the site to post and share pictures, recaps, and announcements with the global community—inspiring others and increased participation

  • Collaboration: Thanks to a mix of standard and custom Salesforce features, the site allows members to connect and find peers and organizations, interact, share resources

  • Resource repository: A centralized location for program collateral allows members to access a collection of program materials, making event planning and program messaging a snap

Though the internal team was primarily focused on enabling community members, it had a few needs of its own. An internal-only viewing option was created, allowing them a centralized vantage point of key contacts, activity history, discussions, and member organizations, including each group’s specialties and the GEOS in which they work.

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“The community delivers a scalable, engaging, and dynamic environment for the client and their community members to collaborate, cultivate ideas, and build support and involvement for a global initiative.”
Liz Reddy, Practice Area Lead
Slalom Consulting

Fitness starts here

With the global, scalable, and custom-branded Salesforce customer community, members can now connect, collaborate, and access resources. The global community now has a platform that:

  • Enables direct communication between members

  • Centralizes communications and collateral

  • Promotes member-driven results and events

  • Allows for easier, more efficient internal team management

  • Engages and empowers community members and builds awareness

“The community delivers a scalable, engaging, and dynamic environment for the client and their community members to collaborate, cultivate ideas, and build support and involvement for a global initiative,” says Liz Reddy, practice area lead at Slalom. “While built on Salesforce Communities, it offers the look and feel of the client for a community they can truly call their own.”

Thanks to the new member-focused platform, community members have the tools they need to help youth around the globe get moving.

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Proud partners: Slalom + Salesforce

Partnerships matter to us. We've built relationships with the best organizations in the industry that offer our clients solutions they can count on. In turn, we also rely on our partners. For this project, we relied on solutions from our trusted partner, Salesforce.

As a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner, we’ve implemented Salesforce solutions for clients across retail, financial services, high tech, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and other industries. Our experience and deep expertise in Salesforce technologies ensures we create solutions that enable our clients to sell more, collaborate more effectively, and deliver a unique and improved customer experience. Additionally, our team of Salesforce project managers, business solution architects, technical architects, and consultants leverage the platform to rapidly deliver flexible, scalable applications through both mobile and web interfaces.


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