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Making financial literacy fun


When BECU wanted to improve financial literacy for teens, we helped make it fun.

According to Capital One, a whopping 45 percent of high-school graduates are unsure or unprepared to manage their own banking and personal finances. BECU, Washington state’s largest community credit union, wasn’t satisfied with those numbers.

In its quest to promote financial literacy, BECU wanted a fun, engaging learning method that would engage students—and drive home its message. We helped gamify their financial literacy lessons using a custom mobile app we call mLevel. With 90-second games focused on banking, car-buying, and credit basics, students demonstrate their knowledge in bite-sized chunks. The app represents a fresh, digital take on classroom learning that makes real sense of dollars.

"Our goal with our financial education efforts is to help individuals make more informed financial decisions. By using technology that students are comfortable with and adding an element of competition to make it fun, we see this app as a unique and innovative way to engage high school students on the subject of financial literacy."
- Tom Berquist, Senior Vice President of Member Strategies

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