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Growing disadvantaged communities

CARS, comprehensive ratings for C.D.F.I. investments

When a financial organization wanted to improve how it grows disadvanted communities, we helped bring better data to investors.

CARS (CDFI Assessment and Ratings System Inc.) drives growth in disadvantaged communities by helping investors determine which community development financial institutions (CDFIs) to invest in. It’s an assessment and ratings system that evaluates the impact and financial strength of CDFIs, who provide responsible, affordable credit and financial services to low-income and other disadvantaged people and communities.

CARS was created by the Opportunity Finance Network (OFN), a network of more than 160 private financial institutions. Their goal is to create financial growth that’s good for communities, investors, and the economy. Our goal was to help them achieve that.

Getting around the roadblocks

Prior to the project CARS was a manual system that wasn’t easily scalable. Its value was based on its ability to provide investors with timely and accurate information on CDFIs, but that wasn’t always happening. CARS needed a platform that gave them automated data import mapping and reporting, but without a formal IT organization, they weren’t in a position to efficiently build it.

First of its kind

We partnered with OFN to help develop the first automated financial performance and data collection system for CDFIs. Because it’s cloud-based, it allows them to scale the platform with minimal investment, and without the need of an IT operations team. And, it puts less of a burden on member CDFIs, because it standardizes how data is collected and processed. Which is good for business.
“The Slalom team has been wonderful to work with from start to finish—we’ve loved working with our team; came back for a second round; and have been completely impressed with the new team. Slalom knows how to take care of its clients—you’re a partner, not just a vendor.”
Paige Chapel, President & CEO

A win-win-win

Insight provided by CARS leads to more investments in CFIs, which puts money in the hands of people who can make a difference in the communities that need it most.

automated data platform
standardized data collection and processing
easy onboarding of new members

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