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Creating a single source of truth

When a global consumer electronics company wanted to improve how it manages its sales data, we helped create a single source of truth that impacted the entire organization.

Without company-wide reporting standards, metrics can be meaningless—especially for global organizations. In fact, it’s impossible to compare numbers without a single source of truth, and it’s inefficient to rely solely on people, instead of standardized tools, to provide that data.

In search of a gold standard, our client (a global consumer electronics company) brought us on board to deploy a new Business Intelligence (BI) suite and drive user adoption across its global sales organization.

A united solution

The ultimate goal was to connect our client's teams with the information they need and reduce its dependency on the IT organization.

Our team tackled three key elements of the deployment:

    1. Strategy and roadmapping: Identifying goals and mapping them to strategic milestones

    2. Adoption: Connecting global users with the tool, communicating its value, and providing adoption aids such as BI reference guides and cheat sheets

    3. Operations: Establishing processes and guidelines to ensure the BI suite’s ongoing success

We started with an in-depth look at the solution and automated business processes that had affected adoption in the past. We also developed an internal portal to inform teams on best practices and answer common questions.

Easy and powerful

Results used to vary wildly from region to region due to locally-saved, manual spreadsheets. Thanks to its new global BI suite, our client now has the critical info needed to manage its worldwide sales organization.

Employees are using the tool, reports are a snap to create, and leaders are better connected to the information they need. Take a closer look at the benefits:

  • Common methodology: Within one short quarter, the solution became the single source of truth across the global sales organization

  • High adoption: The user base expanded 80%+ year over year, with self-serve reporting on the rise

  • Better quality: The tool enables fast, accurate reports, no matter who’s using it. Our client benefitted from a 34% reduction in defects through root-case analysis. Added bonus: quarter-end summary reports have never been easier to create

  • Informed decision making: Leaders are now better connected to the information they need, allowing them to make quicker, more insightful business-critical decisions

81 percent year over year growth of user base
increased self-service reporting
connecting information to decision makers
“Creating a single source of truth had an immediate and measureable impact on the client’s organization. Executives had consistent global sales information at their fingertips and analysts were able to focus on evaluating the market rather than assembling spreadsheets.”
James Young, Practice Area Director
Slalom Consulting

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