Customer Story - Energy Company Process Improvements

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Fuel growth

Fueling growth

When an energy company wanted to scale its business, we helped make their accounts payable system more flexible and growth-ready.

With business on the rise—and invoice numbers projected to double over the next three years—our client needed to prepare for rapid growth. It brought us in to create a standardized and scalable accounts payable business process and organizational model for efficient invoice execution. Our partnership has enabled efficient invoicing and scalable business growth.

Identify, define, standardize, and deploy

Our client engages in the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of crude oil, natural gas, and natural gas liquids in onshore North America. It needed to scale its accounts payable processes to support continued, fast growth. We assembled a cross-functional team of accounts payable experts to:

  • Identify current-state process opportunities

  • Define and design a scalable future-state process, organization, and technology solution

  • Standardize vendor and field invoice requirements

  • Deploy accounts payable accountabilities, roles, and responsibilities across locations and functions

“It was a pleasure to work on such a strategic initiative that allowed Slalom to showcase our solutions expertise by combining operational process improvements with a long-term technology solution.”
Michelle Vercellino, Solution Principal
Slalom Consulting

Consistency across the business

Our team drove consistency across regions by implementing a unified process and fact-based accountability model, while still allowing for coding flexibility where needed. Together with the energy company, we:

  • Consolidated multiple processes into a single, consistent process

  • Created and implemented standard invoice and field-ticket requirements

  • Defined process readiness for electronic invoicing tool implementation

  • Centralized invoice submittal, receipt, and scanning in a single location

50 percent of new invoices submitted electronically
65 plus percent of vendor invoices are submitted electronically
100 percent early pay discounts captured

Standardized and defined invoicing processes

Our efforts have helped the company design an accounts payable organization that enables scalable business growth. Its employees and suppliers now have a single defined business process for invoicing—from submission to approval.

Our partnership has resulted in:

  • new processes and policies that support business growth and efficiency

  • a centralized accounts payable organization

  • tools and templates that allow the company to further advance its business improvement management model

Within six weeks of implementation, 90% of our client’s users were in the tool and nearly half of all new invoices were submitted electronically. It has already gained efficiencies due to consistent and timely new processes for invoice scanning and validation, and it is better positioned to capture early-pay discounts and avoid late payment penalties.

Michelle Vercellino is no longer with Slalom.


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