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Making data more secure

When a global financial services firm's data was at risk, we helped secure it with automated and intuitive visual reporting.

We helped our client, a global financial services firm, improve its risk management processes. Without effective tools and processes in place, its data—and its clients—were at risk. Together, we enabled the company to shift from a manually-intensive set of routines to an automated, data-driven process with intuitive and highly-visual reporting.

Shift to automated, data-driven processes

In order to improve its risk management processes, our client needed a centralized service for security risk analytics—with the ability to detect and predict occurrences of technology-based fraud—to span across its global business units.

Such a service would enable the firm to shift from people-heavy processes to automated, data-driven processes with consistent, quality reporting. To make this goal a reality, the firm had to process terabytes of unstructured data from log files, and then leverage analytics and visualization capabilities to synthesize actionable information.

Big data infrastructure at work

Our data and analytics (D&A) team used its experience designing and building big data infrastructures to help the firm create a platform for security risk analytics. Our contributions included:

  • Designing an architecture capable of processing data from varied sources, such as Internet proxies, print servers, emails and email servers, instant messaging platforms, and phone logs

  • Evaluating key data management platforms for data integration, analysis, and visualization

  • Proving various analysis scenarios from terabytes of processed, unstructured proxy logs

  • Integrating structured reference data with unstructured data sets to enhance the value of basic log files and provide context for results

  • Delivering intuitive dashboards to users and IT executives to understand trends, events, and triggers for managing IT risk and provide actionable analytics

Better managed security and IT risk

Our client is now using a Hadoop and QlikView-based suite of tools to better manage its security and IT risks. Benefits of this platform include:

  • Better protected company IP by discouraging malicious employee behavior and preventing sensitive data from leaving the organization.

  • Decreased security breaches by detecting computer viruses and malware, and blocking based on proxy log.

  • Security analytics as a service to identify unusual activity early, and to understand which parts of the organization are exposed to infrastructure risk.

24 hours to 15 minutes reduction in data integration windows
terabytes of unstructured data, processed
decreased security breaches

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