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Making buying health
insurance as easy as
buying shoes

When the Affordable Care Act required a major healthcare insurer to provide coverage for individuals, we helped make shopping for health insurance as easy as shopping for shoes.

2M+ new members and a 25% jump in sales? We’re in.

When healthcare reform required this health insurance company to refocus on the individual consumer, it partnered with us. Together we’re improving the consumer experience, preparing the insurer for a wave of new individual purchasers, and upholding the goals of the reform: bettering healthcare’s quality and performance.

Healthcare reform

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) is changing the face of healthcare. Traditionally, insurers have sold coverage plans at the corporate level. Healthcare reform turns that business model on its head—now insurers must prepare to sell directly to individuals. A dramatic shift such as this demands an entirely new way of doing business.

With projections of more than 2 million new members and a 25% jump in direct sales to individuals, our client knew it needed to adapt its sales methods. To do so, it needed to provide prospective and current customers with better education, better service, and better decision-making tools.

What if shopping for health insurance was as easy as shopping for shoes?

For those covered under company healthcare plans, much of the heavy lifting around selecting a plan has been done for you. Without those company-specific guardrails in place, individual consumers face a much different experience—an experience that can easily be daunting for first-time consumers navigating the complex legalities of the ACA.

So we asked ourselves, why can’t selecting a health insurance plan be as easy as shopping online for shoes? Together, we set out to distill the process down to the basics using a model we’re all familiar with: ecommerce.

Presenting the retail shopping cart

Online retailing allows consumers to browse, compare, and purchase products on their own terms. We helped integrate those practices while driving the delivery of the insurer’s retail shopping cart (RSC) solution—from strategy to design, user experience, development, and implementation. Noteworthy features of the RSC include:


Integration with Federal Exchange (FFE)

Because the federal government alone can determine individuals’ subsidy and cost-sharing eligibility for health care insurance, we helped develop an integration piece between the RSC and the FFE to provide a seamless experience from intake, eligibility, and completion—no easy feat.

Consistent user experience—from shopping to enrollment

Before, different sites for shopping and enrollment resulted in a disjointed customer experience. Expanded to include enrollment, the RSC’s updated design supports both subsidized and non-subsidized enrollment scenarios, each with its own unique technologies, user flow, and integrated systems.

Mobile-friendly shopping experience

People use their phones to do just about everything, including shopping for insurance. The insurer needed to simplify the complex process of shopping for insurance in a user-friendly experience. A responsive design approach allows the RSC’s single codebase to work across platforms and devices—from desktop to mobile.

Help Me Choose wizard

This tool walks consumers through the shopping process, mapping preferences to available plans.

Subsidy estimator

It allows consumers to estimate their approximate subsidy for the purchase of plans under the exchange, and see this subsidy applied to insurance products while shopping. Though a stand-alone accessory to the RSC, the secure tool integrates with the applicant’s data from the cart.

Ready for healthcare reform

We continue to help this health insurance company uphold the goals of healthcare reform: improving the quality and performance of healthcare. Together we’re improving the experience by enabling consumers to easily weigh their options with a user-friendly tool that’s available anytime and anywhere.

Our contributions to the retail shopping cart have helped position the insurer as a strong player in the ACA marketplace—equipping it for the coming rise of direct-to-consumer sales and first-time insurance shoppers and establishing its competitive advantage. For the insurer, more satisfied and informed consumers directly equates to better sales.

equipped to handle 60 million members, 40 percent increase
retail shopping cart plus federal exchange integration plus member enrollment
25 percent jump in sales on individuals

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