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Enabling the trip of a lifetime from anywhere

Enabling the trip
of a lifetime from

Holland America Line

When Holland America Line wanted to make booking shore excursions more convenient, we helped make it possible to do it from anywhere on the ship.

A cruise is an experience. And the cruise experience wouldn’t be complete without shore excursions—from dogsledding in Alaska to zip-lining in the Caribbean. When Holland America Line (HAL) set out to make its once-in-a-lifetime experiences come to life on a mobile device, it turned to us.

Anytime, anywhere booking

HAL’s many onshore activities are made possible by its Shore Excursion (Shorex) Managers. They help connect the ship’s passengers with their onshore activities of choice. Holland America Line wanted an app that would allow Shorex Managers to get away from their desks to walk, talk, and book excursions for passengers from anywhere on the ship.

“The Slalom team has been an incredible partner for Holland America Line. They have helped us evaluate and solve multiple business problems with the application, and their team was there every step of the way from discovery to training and deployment. The feedback from staff and guests has been remarkable, proving that Slalom truly understands mobile as a strategic channel.”
- Therron Hofsetz, Director of IT Applications
Holland America Line

Shipside realities

Before a single line of code could be written, we had to understand life at sea aboard a Holland America Line ship. Our interviews with Shorex Managers cast a light on real-world use cases, like limited connectivity away from port, the distractions of a bustling ship, and periodic lines at the ship’s shore excursion decks.

Full steam ahead

We helped build a gorgeous, intuitive app that allows Shorex Managers to give passengers an at-a-glance overview of shore excursions, complete with colorful pictures, trip details and availability, and booking functionality. Now, instead of straining to see a manager’s desk monitor, guests can swipe to browse a visual collection of exciting destinations and activities from the comfort of a pool chair or bar stool.

“I used the app this morning. After my talk, guests always come to ask me questions and want to book tickets—I booked 35 tickets then and there … and that helped the line later at the desk.”
Shorex Manager
Holland America Line

Successful maiden mobile voyage

We’re proud of our work—and proud to be HAL’s partner in its first mobile foray. Our team built a beautiful tablet app that’s turning heads and enriching the at-sea experience.

  • Broader reach for Shorex Managers

  • Shorter lines

  • Better guest experience


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