Customer story - Hyatt digital hospitality app

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When Hyatt and Slalom collaborated to envision the future of digital hospitality, we saw an opportunity to do something different. We asked ourselves, what would happen if we could unleash the power of Hyatt’s people, purpose, and data to transform customer experience?

Hyatt recognized the opportunity to use the mobile devices that customers always have nearby to increase customer satisfaction, surpass the digital experiences offered by competitors, and explore operational efficiencies at its properties. The hospitality leader envisioned a mobile app that would engage people in new ways and elevate guest satisfaction throughout their stays at Hyatt hotels around the globe.

With a thoughtful, contextually relevant approach to app design, Slalom and Hyatt teamed up to make this vision a reality with the new World of Hyatt app. In the process, Slalom helped set Hyatt up for success in the future by building capabilities within Hyatt’s existing team.

700+ hotels and resorts
57 currencies and eight languages
80% increase in booking revenue

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