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Reducing complexity to increase customers

lattice semiconductor

When Lattice Semiconductor wanted to simplify its CRM system, we helped reduce complexity by 70%.

CRM solutions grow relationships by bringing customer data and unique insights together. The strength of a company’s CRM system can make or break its ability to maintain customer relationships.

Cut to Lattice Semiconductor. Before extending its platform, Lattice recognized that it first needed to simplify and enhance its existing program. Together with our CRM team, Lattice simplified the complexity of its program by 70%—pleasing their users and driving business performance.

reduced complexity by 70 percent
over 450 users
18 training modules

First things, first: improve

Lattice wanted to extend its existing CRM platform,, to reduce inefficiencies and drive performance. After conducting an initial assessment of Lattice’s program, we collectively decided that Lattice improve its foundation before expanding. Together, we set out to strengthen, validate, and simplify the CRM program.

Phased approach:

  • Foundation: Establish roles, responsibilities, goals, strategy, and vision

  • Validation: Validate processes and procedures to ensure all activities contribute to the goal of making the program smarter and easier

  • Simplification: Streamline the current SFDC org to drive the best possible user experience

  • Optimization: Modify and enhance the current SFDC program

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Business-focused recommendations

We worked with Lattice’s sales, marketing, and IT teams to help simplify the existing implementation and improve the user experience by streamlining global business processes.

Collaboration highlights:

  • Boosted overall confidence with the configuration by properly engaging IT

  • Overcame undefined global business processes by sticking to a strict schedule and relying on a global steering committee

  • Facilitated timely decision-making by developing a tiered approval process

We made sure that our strategy began with business value before diving into the specifics of the technology.

What we delivered:

  • Business processes for sales, marketing, and the large distributor network

  • Adoption plan to retain executive engagement and clarify expectations for the tool’s 450+ users

  • Governance and support structures to ensure ongoing system stability

  • Communications for the executive team to engage with the field

  • Training modules to support the new business processes and streamlined user experience

"The Slalom team simplified and stabilized Lattice’s platform. Immediate benefits include an improved end user experience and more intelligent data inputs to drive the right business decisions and the ability for Lattice to extend the platform with confidence."
Steve Stark, Director of Business Operations
Lattice Semiconductor

Less complexity. Lower costs. More results.

The CRM program refresh radically simplified the existing implementation—netting a 70% reduction in overall complexity of the configuration (fields, validation rules, workflow, custom objects, custom code, roles, profiles, etc.). The simplification of its processes and system design has reduced the cost of time and resources required to maintain a heavily customized and needlessly complex system. Lattice's users can now spend less time entering information and more time interacting with customers and driving sales.

Lattice saw multiple benefits, including:

  • Better foundation: Lattice now has a solid architectural framework to build additional functionality upon and an effective program framework to ensure that the tool and its outputs are consistently aligned with organizational objectives.

  • Better decision-making: The program’s updates better enable intelligent, data-driven business decisions.

  • Better view of the customer: Its sales team has access to actionable information on current and potential customers.

  • Better productivity: The updates have fostered an increased alignment between sales, marketing, and others, and productivity has been enhanced thanks to a single, streamlined user-centric environment.


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