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Anticipating customer needs by knowing them better

When a media communications company wanted to know its customers better, we helped refine who its customers are, what they do, and why they do it.

A better view of the customer drives better business outcomes. We implemented an enterprise analytics program to help our client improve customer relationships and make the most of business operations.

“We helped them refine who their customers are, what they do, and more importantly, why they do it.”
- Marty Young, National Analytics Lead
Slalom Consulting

Customer, customer, customer

It’s important to know your customers, and in industries where competitors sell virtually identical products and services, it’s essential.

Our client, a media and communications company, needed to get to know its customers better. It had slivers of insight into customer behavior but lacked a complete view of its customer base: from demographics and product usage to call center history and web, mobile, and social activity.

Rich customer insight will improve its ability to analyze and predict customer behavior across business units, geography, channels, and lifecycle stages—data that can then be used to improve outcomes in marketing, web, and customer service.

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Cut the guesswork

Advanced analytics eliminates guesswork by giving companies a view of what customers want and need. To get at the root of its customers’ desires, we helped our client answer targeted questions about its users.

1.32 million a year in savings
better focus on the customer
175 percent increase in video tutorial ROI

Real-time insights

Gaining actionable insights once took months. With the help of our customer analytics strategy, our client can now answer questions in real-time to drive better outcomes across its call center and marketing channels. The new enterprise analytics platform improves the speed of analyzing and reacting to changing customer trends and allows the company to predict customer behaviors.

With actionable insights, our client is aligning its focus with its customers.


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