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Connecting creative
people all over the world

When a media and entertainment company wanted to help its customers collaborate, we helped build a product that connects creative people all over the world.

Creativity knows no bounds. Genius can strike at 2 pm or 2 am … at a studio in California or a flat in London. But creativity can be hampered by logistical or technology constraints. Enter: a “one cloud” media collaboration solution for studios, broadcasters, independent producers, marketing teams, and other creative types.
“This is truly one of the most interesting projects we’ve been a part of. [The client] saw an opportunity for a rich, cloud-based collaboration platform, and they nailed it. We’re proud of our team’s contributions, and our practice continues to look ahead to how our clients can use the cloud to do business better.”
Slalom engagement lead

One-cloud solution

Our media and entertainment client was looking for a “one-cloud” solution for media (think: video) and content collection, collaboration, production, and transcoding. It envisioned a cloud-based virtual workspace that would allow creative professionals to spend more time creating and less time managing—without sacrificing creativity or quality.

We partnered with them to help provide strategic guidance and custom development and cloud migration expertise.

Blue clouds
13 AWS services
over 300 EC2 instances
4 slalom offices

From on-prem to the cloud

Our task: migrate the client from its existing on-premises solution to the cloud. No problem.

Our team contributed to an initial proof of concept and platform assessment, and provided guidance on key use cases, authentication, and architecture. This early exploration evolved into the scalable cloud-based platform.

An integrated team of Slalom’s lead cloud architects, software engineers, and software configuration architects—spanning three states—collaborated to build and deploy the platform. We helped the client navigate the complex universe of cloud solutions and create a powerful back-end infrastructure using Amazon Web Services.

Project highlights include:

  • Back-end content processing and transcoding API services along with many other back-end APIs

  • Application scaling rules and implementation to accommodate changes in demand

  • Federated identity management solution with two-factor authentication

  • Software Configuration Management and automated deployment using Bamboo and AWS CloudFormation

  • Assistance with the application’s main user interface using multiple front-end technologies including CSS, HTML5, JavaScript with jQuery, and many third-party components

  • Deployment and configuration for more than 300 EC2 instances launched in AWS with multiple terabytes in EBS and S3 storage—a number that’s expected to grow exponentially as demand increases

  • Implementation of multiple AWS Services including EC2, S3, EBS, SQL Server and Oracle RDS, Route 53, VPC, SQS, and SWF

“We brought the right team together to deliver for our client. Our core team included local resources from Southern California, scale from our Seattle National Delivery Center, and a few discipline-specific folks from other markets.”
Joel Forman, Practice Area Lead
Slalom Consulting

Anywhere, anytime collaboration

The result is a cloud-based media service that allows creative professionals to remain focused on their projects by simplifying the non-creative tasks of collecting, producing, and archiving high-value, high-definition content.

The media services platform is efficient, flexible, and secure. It allows for anywhere, anytime collaboration. It enables fast and secure collaboration on a global scale. Not only does the scalable platform address today’s collaboration challenges, it also provides a foundation to answer the challenges that lie ahead.


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