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Stat Doctors mobile app

When StatDoctors wanted to improve access to emergency medical care, we helped make it possible to see an ER doc from anywhere in minutes.

Joe’s a long-haul trucker. He starts sniffling in one town and comes down with a full-blown chest cold three states over. Unsure whether it’s serious or not, he navigates to the closest emergency room and, two hours and about $2,000 in ER fees later, he gets the meds he needs to get back on the road.

Joe may be a hypothetical patient profile, but it’s this inaccessibility of care that’s driving up the cost of healthcare. And he’s not alone, says StatDoctors: Many ER visits are avoidable.

StatDoctors provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative.

It offers 24/7/365 access to quality care for treatment of unscheduled, minor medical needs through virtual consultations. StatDoctors’ eVisit model connects patients with board-certified emergency physicians—in six minutes or less (on average).

But here’s the thing: If you sprain your ankle or get the flu away from home, odds are you won’t have your laptop on you. After learning that 60 percent of users were accessing its physicians via smartphones, StatDoctors needed to invest in a complete mobile solution.

Stat Doctors Mobile App

StatDoctors will see you now

Unlike emergency rooms, mobile translates to immediacy, said Wil Le, Slalom project manager in our Phoenix office.

“Emergency rooms still operate the same way that they did 20 years ago—that’s not in tune with our generation,” he said.

When you want to talk to an emergency physician about something that just happened, you want to do it now, said Slalom engagement manager Robert Fiore. A mobile app reduces barriers by allowing people to use the device that’s always with them: their smartphone.

StatDoctors gets it.

“Health care delivery is shifting rapidly toward an affordable, on-demand model,” said Dr. Alan C. Roga, founder and CEO of Stat Health Services, the providers of StatDoctors.

“Yet it’s imperative that convenience doesn’t compromise quality.”

To ensure that quality, StatDoctors wanted a partner that could provide both development expertise and project leadership.

“Emergency rooms still operate the same way that they did 20 years ago—that’s not in tune with our generation.”
Wil Le, Slalom consultant

“It’s designed to be easy”

Together with StatDoctors, Le and team built native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

“It’s designed to be easy,” said Le.

Once a patient has registered, the app is a one-touch eVisit system. First, verify location and connectivity. Next, identify your symptoms. Then, hit the virtual waiting room and wait—six minutes on average—to “see” the physician.

In addition to briefing the provider on your symptoms, the app brings them up to speed on your patient profile and history.

The app then replicates a face-to-face doctor-patient visit, thanks to two-way video chat. Discuss your symptoms, get a diagnosis and a prescription, and you’re on your way.

Speedier development velocity

We also helped StatDoctors establish a mobile rhythm.

Companies often approach mobile projects with a “one and done” mindset, said Fiore. “In reality, you need a build process.”

Instead of one guy working in isolation, a team working together to build, test, and deploy will “exponentially increase your development velocity,” he said.

Cost savings across the board

Healthcare isn’t cheap, especially emergency care.

StatDoctors estimates that the average emergency room visit is $2,028.

In its 2013 telemedicine report, Broadband Expanded projects that telehealth can reduce ER visits by 15 percent, emergency admissions by 20 percent, and bed stays by 14 percent.

That can add up to significant cost savings, especially for self-insured employers—StatDoctors’ sole customer base and a growing coverage segment. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, nearly 59 percent of American workers were in a self-insured plan, up 18 percent from 1998.

High quality care completely on-the-go

For StatDoctors, the mobile apps offer a one-two punch: position them as an industry leader while providing quality, convenient patient care.

“We created a mobile app that goes well beyond other eHealth services, providing a full patient care delivery model and truly exceptional patient experience,” Roga said. “The quality of care is second to none. This app makes the service even more convenient for patients, enabling them to receive this high-quality care completely on the go.”

Stat Doctors Mobile App
Stat Doctors Mobile App
Stat Doctors Mobile App

About StatDoctors

StatDoctors was formed in 2009 by a group of seasoned ER physicians that wanted to improve access to affordable urgent care for common medical conditions. Their answer: telemedicine. The company relies on eVisits to provide patients with personalized, timely, and efficient consultation, diagnosis, and treatment from the convenience of a phone, computer, or mobile device. StatDoctors’ virtual visit model connects patients with quality care—in six minutes or less, on average—whether on the road or at home, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Its eVisits extend care to those without access to same-day care and field non-medical emergencies that might otherwise be treated in an ER or urgent care center. StatDoctors is working to reduce the cost of healthcare while increasing patient satisfaction, convenience, and quality of care.


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