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Creating efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction

When a logistics company wanted to provide its customers with better insights into their data, we helped visualize where it could create efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction.

Logistics is a complex business—timing is everything, and good technology and data visibility are essential for success. A few seconds saved, multiplied across an entire fleet, can translate into millions in cost savings.

Transplace provides third-party logistics (3PL) and technology services that help its customers cut costs and improve service. To do so, it blends logistics technology with transportation management services (TMS). Transplace’s customers wanted even more visibility into the intricacies of their logistics data to better react to their data, drive efficiencies, and prevent trouble spots. We joined forces with Transplace to help design and deliver a solution platform as a service, leveraging Microsoft Power BI.

third party logistics and technology company
founded in 2000
global customer base

Just in time logistics

Transplace works with some of the largest manufacturers, retailers, and distributors in North America, and its customers need the most efficient logistics solutions—period.

The logistics business revolves around large amounts of data. When used to its fullest potential, that data enables “just in time” efficiencies—with no waste, no lag times, and no delays. Transplace provides a custom system with order tracking and visualizations, but its customers wanted visibility into additional visual reports.

Transplace’s customers wanted greater business intelligence (BI) visibility and functionality, including:

  • Ad-hoc data analysis with row-level data security

  • Dynamic data-driven visualizations

  • Single sign on (SSO)

The 3PL company needed a partner to help identify and deliver a solution—and allow Transplace to meet the needs of its valued customers.

"We needed more than just a document repository," explains James Watts, the company's IT director. "We needed a scalable infrastructure that could effortlessly grow with us. We also needed easy-to-use tools to support and empower our users to collaborate, analyze, and manage projects efficiently. And we needed the ability for our customers to access our systems but manage their users credentials."

“Transplace is committed to technology excellence and this implementation resonates a commitment to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to their customers.”
Scott Tarnell, Solution Principal
Slalom Consulting

Business intelligence in action

Our team delivered a multi-part solution that’s helping enable Transplace to provide its customers with cutting-edge data analytics in a SaaS model by leveraging Power BI within a new SharePoint 2013 platform.

Successful migration to SharePoint 2013. We replaced Transplace’s existing SharePoint 2010 footprint with SharePoint 2013, including the entire SQL 2012 BI suite running with SharePoint integration.

Introduction of SSO capability. Before, customers bounced between Transplace’s internal systems—a Java-based system and a SharePoint system—all requiring user authentication. In response to customer demand, we helped Transplace provide SAML 2.0 authentication solution with web SSO capability to the new platforms—allowing for seamless authentication from the customer systems into the Transplace offerings and resulting in a better user experience.

Delivery of the Microsoft Power BI platform as a federated service. Transplace can now share valuable logistics data back and forth with its customers.

Plane taking off, worldwide connections, man moving merchandise, truck image, train image
"Most of all we needed a partner that could look at our business need and deliver the right solution. Scott Tarnell and Slalom delivered everything we thought we needed and more."
James Watts, IT Director

Customer commitments, honored

We helped Transplace solve its business problem, but more importantly, meet the needs of its customers. With a solution that supports more than 3,000 concurrent daily users, Transplace has the technology in place to enable and engage its customers, providing them with valuable visibility into the intricacies of their logistics landscape.

“Transplace is committed to technology excellence,” says Scott Tarnell, a solution principal at Slalom. “This implementation resonates a commitment to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to their customers. Together with Transplace, we implemented a complete platform from authentication to content delivery that allows Transplace to leverage their existing investments in Microsoft technologies to better meet the needs of their customers.”


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