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User clicking through Tripwire’s Customer Center built on Salesforce Community Cloud
What we did

At a glance

Tripwire helps companies defend against the rising threat of cyberattacks with a broad set of capabilities for establishing a strong cybersecurity foundation. We helped design and build an intuitive, easy-to-use Salesforce community that helps Tripwire’s customers better access, understand, and use their Tripwire products. It also gives Tripwire employees better visibility into customer account details, which translates into better service for customers. Win-win.

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Keeping organizations safe and secure

Picture it: Joe Employee walks into his office on a Monday morning, hot cup of coffee in hand. He settles in at his desk, cracks open his laptop, and checks his inbox. As he’s wading through new messages, an unusual subject line—“Send $$$ ASAP!”—catches Joe’s eye. The coffee hasn’t kicked in yet, so Joe opens the email and clicks on a link to learn more.

Unwittingly, Joe has just put his company’s information security at risk.

Security breaches introduced by accident, negligence, or ignorance—or some combination of the three—are relatively common. But the spectrum of cyber security threats and compliance issues facing today’s companies are incredibly broad in scope and scale.

Tripwire helps. Its cyber security solutions help organizations secure their environments, monitor for suspicious system changes, and identify where systems are vulnerable.

Tripwire envisioned a one-stop shop that would give customers greater control over their products and access to rich self-service features and tools.

Complexity in the sales cycle

Tripwire’s customer accounts, order fulfillments, and sales’ workflows are managed in Salesforce. But Tripwire’s Salesforce model wasn’t optimized to deliver a great customer experience, requiring customers to go through a number of steps to get their products configured correctly and ready to use.

“We had a complex means of providing licenses to our customers, and it didn’t provide the flexibility and control to our customers that we would have liked,” explains Anthony Israel-Davis, IT manager at Tripwire.

That limited visibility was impacting Tripwire’s employees, too, manifesting in challenges during the sales cycle.

For example: A Tripwire sales representative could expertly direct a customer toward the best-fit software solution, but lacked a clear view into the customer’s existing infrastructure. So that sales person would need to play detective to collect the nitty-gritty details to ensure the customer’s Tripwire products were configured accurately. Collecting that information could be a complex process, requiring a lot of back and forth with the customer, the sales representative, and the order fulfillment team.

For customers, it slowed the time from purchase to use. If a product hadn’t been configured correctly, the customer would need to call Tripwire’s support team. And for sales, it slowed the time to close a deal—and took time away from pursuing new sales leads.

“When you fulfill an order, you want that customer to be able to use it right away, and that wasn’t quite the case,” says Kristin Flewelling, lead Slalom consultant on the project.

Tripwire wanted to streamline the experience for its customers. It envisioned a one-stop shop that would give customers greater control over their products and access to rich self-service features and tools. We helped Tripwire bring that vision to life.

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Customer-first approach

Tripwire partnered with Slalom to investigate its existing Salesforce environment and define, design, and build the ideal future-state solution.

The project kicked off with discovery and analysis. Slalom and Tripwire worked collaboratively to collect insights from subject-matter experts across the organization.

“The level of engagement from the business subject-matter experts really demonstrated their interest and commitment to making this [solution] very valuable to their customers,” says Flewelling.

In the spirit of delivering maximum value to Tripwire customers, the team zeroed in on user experience. Usability reviews were conducted, underscoring the need to validate Tripwire’s existing data sets and present the most useful information back to the customer.

“The data cleanliness and data transformation was a significant exercise in this project,” says Flewelling. “Originally, Tripwire’s data was just used by an internal audience. It’s a different ballgame when you expose that to the customer.”

Adds Israel-Davis, “After we figured out the technical things on the back-end, we needed to present the information back to our customers and sales team in a way that was meaningful. We built some great visualizations, so as customer support is talking to customers, they share a common view into how products are configured.”

That common view was presented with a custom user interface, developed on

Delivering value along the way

The sheer scale of Tripwire’s solutions, selling models, and configuration options made the project complex. The team took an agile approach to the project, rolling out new features in phases and capturing customer feedback in each phase.

“We had to figure out how to deliver something in a reasonable amount of time that serves our customers,” says Israel-Davis.

“We made sure that we were delivering value along the way,” says Flewelling. Echoes Israel-Davis, “We broke it down into small segments to show value over time, without having to do a big, bad launch.”

“It took a lot of administrative overhead out of budgets where it didn’t belong, and into improving our customer experience, where it did belong.”
Anthony Israel-Davis, Tripwire IT manager

24/7 access to insights

Together, Tripwire and Slalom delivered an enhanced Salesforce solution that offers customers self-service features to manage their product licenses and configurations. The solution’s intuitive interface gives customers an at-a-glance view of their Tripwire products so they can put them into immediate use. It also enables customers to log cases with support, and access an extensive knowledge base of resources.

It’s a big step forward for Tripwire’s sales teams, too. Sales reps can offer better service to customers with a common, simplified view into customer account details. They’re also able to have more meaningful conversations with customers and offer related products that might be a good fit based on their account.

“It took a lot of administrative overhead out of budgets where it didn’t belong, and into improving our customer experience, where it did belong. We got great feedback from our sales team,” says Israel-Davis.

Our close collaboration made the effort successful, says Israel-Davis. “Slalom really works with us—it was a partnership."

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Tripwire, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a leading provider of integrity assurance solutions that improve security, compliance, and IT operations in enterprises, industrial organizations, service providers, and government agencies. Tripwire helps these organizations achieve visibility across their networks, reduce their attack surfaces, and stay on top of suspicious changes – steps considered foundational to system and data integrity. Tripwire’s award-winning portfolio includes configuration management, file integrity management, asset discovery, vulnerability management, and log collection..

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