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Providing opportunities for women leaders to succeed

When UPS Capital wanted to support its female leaders, we helped provide dynamic opportunities for women leaders to succeed.

Companies that invest in their leaders have stronger leaders. And companies that invest in female leaders, specifically, benefit from strong, diverse leadership teams. UPS Capital’s Women’s Leadership Development (WLD) program is focused on creating resonant leaders and maintaining and supporting high-potential women. We partnered with UPS Capital to help implement improvements to the program and better equip its women for success.

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Commitment to women leaders

UPS Capital offers traditional and non-traditional financial services and insurance products. The company helps its customers improve cash flow, protect their goods, and accelerate and protect payments.

It values women in leadership. To better support its high-performing women, UPS Capital engaged us to strengthen its existing Women’s Leadership Development program.

“The enhanced program activities now all align to the objective to create resonant leaders. We added value by creating experiential exercises throughout the program and making the program more interactive.”
Brooke Baker, Consultant
Slalom Consulting

Back to basics

Goal: Enhance, expand, and formalize Women’s Leadership Development Program

Our Organizational Effectiveness (OE) and User Experience (UX) teams joined forces with UPS Capital to rebrand and relaunch the WLD program. We tied the program to defined learning objectives with an emphasis on emotional intelligence and issues important to women. Like other successful programs of its kind, the WLD program is an ongoing learning experience, not just a one-time learning event. Additions and enhancements include:

  • New participant guide for participants to track their progress, complete activities, and track and discuss goals with their directors

  • New program content: facilitator guide, case study, book review, templates, capabilities to content alignment, and participant surveys

  • New content assessments: emotional intelligence and StrengthsFinder

  • Activities throughout the year to reinforce program’s curriculum

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Program highlights

The WLD offers a structured place for UPS Capital’s women to engage and grow. It focuses on emotional intelligence capabilities: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management. The program gives women a forum to discuss workplace challenges and successes. It educates women on how to take action to advance their careers and build leadership capabilities. It gives them face-time with the company’s senior leadership team. It not only helps women grow their careers at UPS Capital—it also helps them strengthen their personal awareness and development.

Brooke Baker is no longer with Slalom.

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Great training for great leaders

Our work together gives UPS Capital a repeatable, formalized program to develop and support its women in leadership. We helped strengthen the ongoing learning experience to include activities throughout the year to reinforce and enhance learnings from each WLD session. The program’s objectives clearly align with its activities and UPS Capital’s program owners have the tools they need to deliver successful sessions. And, most importantly, the company’s women have a robust training program to help them thrive in and out of the workplace.


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