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Finding opportunities for business growth

When a new leadership team at US Foods wanted to better understand its business, we helped find ways to grow it.

When a new leadership team took the helm of US Foods, they recognized the need for a shared understanding of how the business is run. With that understanding their team of leaders would be better set up to effectively tackle business drivers.

We were asked to partner with them on an organizational mapping exercise. Shortly into the project, though, it evolved into an enterprise business modeling project that reframed the initiative to add immediate value, and helped their teams adopt a new, more efficient business processes, as well as identify opportunities to improve their business even more.

The building blocks

Based on the goals, we broke the project into two phases: an initial strategy exercise, followed by a deep dive identification of opportunities.

Strategy exercise

  • 26 business & IT workshop sessions
  • 28 process models
  • 8 process enablement attributes across 149 activities
  • 35 capacity maturity models

Drawing upon comprehensive interviews and workshops with US Foods’ stakeholders, our team balanced their processes and capabilities against a maturity curve. We focused on objectives, strategic intent, key metrics, and relevant metadata to uncover areas that required renewed focus or investment.

From concept to action

Building upon the conceptual work, we dove deeper to execute against one of its key focus areas: supply chain. We finalized the effort by creating an execution list and building the tools and structure required to support it.

Supply chain deep dive

  • 20 workshops
  • Identified 23 logistics process improvements
  • Reduced obsolescence by 15 to 20%
  • Created a process center of excellence

Strategic lens

Our team served as a strategic lens for the US Foods leadership team. In keeping with their culture, we took a pragmatic approach to drive enterprise benefits, prioritizing the results by capability maturity. US Foods now has a shared, strategic framework to guide its business drivers.


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