Customer story - UWKC - Grantee Contract Management

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Creating opportunities
to assist people in need

When a non-profit wanted to evolve how it solved challenges, we helped create new opportunities to assist people in need.

When it comes to affecting change, proactive trumps reactive. This is especially true for non-profits, who rely on a limited pool of funds and resources. United Way of King County (UWKC) wanted to break the cycle of reactively addressing problems within its Grantee Contract Management function. To more efficiently meet the needs of its community, UWKC needed to identify longer-term, proactive improvements.

As part of our pro bono Philanthropy Fellow Program, we helped UWKC define and prioritize core capabilities and related processes.

Ripped edge
Our mission is to bring caring people together to give, volunteer, and take action to help people in need and solve our community's toughest challenges.
United Way of King County
Ripped edge

Taking action to help people in need

United Way of King County provides vital human services to residents of the greater Seattle area. It supports a variety of social services designed to fight poverty and strengthen communities. UWKC focuses on:

  • Meeting people’s basic needs

  • Ending homelessness in King County

  • Giving kids an equal chance

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“Working with UWKC was so energizing for my career! I love giving back to the community, and the amazing team I had the opportunity to work with at UWKC was extremely talented, fun, open to trying new things, and appreciative of the skills and knowledge I brought to the table.”
Erin Aten, Consultant
Slalom Consulting

Framework for success

The ask: Document the non-profit’s “as-is” Grantee Contract Management business processes in order to identify issues and develop requirements for needed systems changes.

The ask, redefined: Take a strategic and holistic business-architecture approach to the organization’s existing business processes.

Slalom took on this project as part of our pro bono program to bring our expertise to non-profits in our communities. Our Philanthropy Fellow, Erin Aten, worked with the United Way of King County to define and prioritize core capabilities and related processes. Erin’s work provided UWKC with:

  • Clear definitions of capabilities, business processes, and current process pain points

  • A multi-year roadmap for improvement implementation (covering both operational processes and IT)

  • Current and future state illustrations for each core capability, providing an easy-to-understand identification of pain points to be addressed

“We made significant progress on a complex project that wouldn’t have moved forward as quickly without the skills and capacity (and deadlines) that Erin brought. Having her dedicated full time and bringing in her outside resources got us on exactly the right path.”
Sara Levin, VP of Community Services
United Way of King County

A roadmap for good

Erin’s pro bono work took a holistic approach to addressing chronic root issues, while giving employees the tools to learn—and continue to apply—process improvement, business architecture, and project management techniques.

UWKC has a strategic vision for one of its highest priority initiatives, along with an approach for identifying and resolving problems at their source.

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Slalom gives back

Would you take 80% of your pay for three months in order to help your community? Our consultants do, happily. As part of our up-and-coming Philanthropy Fellow Program, seasoned consultants volunteer their expertise to benefit a local non-profit in a pro bono engagement.


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