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Unifying leadership teams and creating a more collaborative workplace

When a major wireless carrier wanted to transform its leadership culture, we helped unify its teams and create a more collaborative workplace.

Our executive coaches worked across the leadership team to help drive a cultural transformation at this wireless carrier, helping it set the stage for success in a deeply competitive industry. What started with the company’s leadership team is quickly spreading throughout the organization.

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Working together

The wireless industry is competitive by nature. And a strong, unified leadership team is the first building block for success.

Our client faced flagging performance, management turnover, and a lack of alignment with leadership. It needed a cultural transformation that its leaders could support and that the rest of the organization could adopt. Our organizational effectiveness (OE) experts helped the company extend that cultural change across its 14-person senior leadership team.

During the course of the 18-month engagement, another challenge surfaced: the company announced plans to be acquired by another major wireless carrier. The news added another task to our plate: helping keep leaders and their teams organized and productive during a period of time that was marked by uncertainty.

Strength-based approach

Our team of trained and certified executive coaches used a strength-based approach that focuses on enhancing a leader’s native capabilities. Executive coaching activities—360 interviews, one-on-one meetings, and scenario-based exercises—helped the executive team define leadership and communication styles and work through conflicts, fears, and uncomfortable situations that are a reality for executive leadership teams.

The coaching was grounded in a results- and action-oriented behavioral model that uses five basic questions to encourage collaboration across roles and teams. We helped the company’s leaders build the capability for this approach to thinking and working, and then supported those leaders as they modeled that behavior with their teams.

Drawing from experience leading technology programs in sales and marketing organizations, we were also able to provide added insight into business strategy discussions and decisions. This experience enabled us to add even more value during the months leading up to the acquisition.

Changing behaviors for the bottom line

Together, we worked toward the goal of a more collaborative workplace and helped the leadership team manage during the uncertainty of the acquisition period.

Projects are often defined by facts and figures; this project’s success continues to be defined by behaviors. For our client, it’s been about changing behaviors to support collaboration—early and often.

Using the behavioral model, our client’s employees were given a roadmap to guide structured collaboration with other internal teams. It has adopted a shared understanding that collaboration benefits the greater good, and that all employees are contributing to the company’s continued success.

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“We were already deeply embedded into leadership teams in all business functions for 8 months when the acquisition announcement was made. Our knowledge about the business, its challenges, and team dynamics allowed us to help leaders and their teams stay focused, and anticipate and prepare for the uncertainty that accompanies this kind of change.”
Carol Guttzeit, Senior manager, Talent Management at Slalom
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