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Financial Services

Embracing the new normal

Three factors are driving today’s financial services industry: the digitization of traditional financial service business models, new and tighter regulations, and a slowly recovering economy.

We partner with leaders in banking, insurance, and capital markets to navigate these challenges by developing and launching new operating models, and identifying and monetizing new revenue sources. Our financial services practice builds and implements tactical solutions that improve operational effectiveness to reduce costs and improve scalability, and enhance awareness in digital/mobile channels. We also find new ways for our clients to gain more from the investments they make to achieve regulatory compliance, like identifying overlooked business opportunities.

Slalom financial services offerings draw from our Customer Engagement, Digital, Strategy & Operations, Information Management & Analytics, and Organizational Effectiveness services. The end results are solutions that help our clients thrive in the new normal of financial services.

Clients we are proud to work with

CARS, comprehensive ratings for CDR investments
young man smiling, leaning over a tablet
“BECU and Slalom Consulting partnered to enrich young people’s lives with financial education ... What Slalom allows us to do is expand our reach. It’s allowing our creative ideas to partner with theirs.”
- Jay Hansen, Financial Educator