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Financial services

Financial services

Financial services in an ever-changing landscape

The financial services industry is faced with unprecedented economic, competitive, and regulatory challenges. This massive transition presents both challenges and opportunities.

Customers in the digital era expect a seamless, integrated experience across their preferred channels. Narrower spread, stringent risk requirements, and regulatory compliance continue to put pressure on profitability. Emerging competitors are gaining market share as they address customer demands with disruptive business models and innovative technology.

We partner with industry market leaders and emerging players as they aim to redesign themselves, transform amidst uncertainty, and strive for growth. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you as you rethink how to strategically differentiate in the marketplace, win the most critical competitive battles, and sustain long-term results.

“Alternative lenders are fundamentally changing the way in which small businesses access capital, driving competition and improving the customer experience. Fueled by technology, these companies are changing lending the same way upstarts changed the retail, payments, music and travel industries. The growth shows no signs of abating, but we believe traditional lenders have assets they can leverage to compete. We advise traditional lenders on how to become more agile to implement similar approaches within their own organization, as well alternative lenders on industry best practices of the traditional players.”
Kathleen McDowell, Practice Lead

Slalom’s financial services mission

We integrate market, industry, business, people, and technology dimensions to provide new perspectives and actionable insights that address our clients’ most pressing needs.

Industry expertise

Our team of passionate thought leaders offer a combination of industry and consulting experience in the banking, payments, insurance, and capital markets segments. We can help you solve your most imperative industry-specific business problems across a number of disciplines.

  • Commercial and business banking
  • Consumer banking
  • Lending operations
  • Payments and fintech
  • Investment banking and brokerage
  • Investment management
  • Wealth management
  • Reinsurance
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Life insurance and annuities

Interesting solutions to our clients’ biggest challenges


  • Evaluating the impact of fintech-enabled competitors (new payment providers, robo-advisors, credit card issuers, etc.)
  • Partnering with clients to create strategies, design future-state operating models, select partners, and develop actionable initiatives that drive efficiency and improvement
  • Understanding the ever-changing payments landscape and working with our payments clients to develop next-gen strategies to enable their visions, deliver their value propositions, and effectively compete

Client insights

  • Data mining to identify prospects, determine next-best-offer opportunities, and evaluate product effectiveness
  • Developing integrated marketing, sales, and customer service programs that cross business units and data sources, and developing cross-channel attribution models to measure them
  • Identifying client personas and customer journey maps
  • Creating omnichannel customer service capabilities to deliver a seamless experience across platforms

Risk management and regulatory compliance

  • Integrating client reference and transaction data to identify non-compliant activities (AML, FCPA, etc.)
  • Improving efficiency and reducing the cost of risk management and regulatory compliance
  • Creating and enhancing enterprise risk management programs, including business continuity and disaster recovery planning

Operational efficiencies and process improvements

  • Understanding the criticality of effective lending processes and platforms that align with revenue goals and enable sustainable growth
  • Integrating legacy application data to improve management and client reporting
  • Developing operational dashboards to identify control issues, bottlenecks, and process breakdowns

Information management and analytics

  • Monetizing the value of data to gain customer insights and provide relevant strategies and solutions that improve engagement, loyalty, and revenue
  • Integrating data across business unit and application silos
  • Leveraging modern data architecture and analytic capabilities to drive enhanced decision making capabilities

Organizational change

  • Addressing organizational governance challenges
  • Ensuring customer and employee adoption of significant changes