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Life sciences

A cure for siloes and slowdowns

Innovation is the name of the game for biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies, but the life sciences landscape has never been more complicated.

Regulatory and pricing pressures continue to rise, as does the demand to provide more support to patients and increase collaboration with providers and payers. Meanwhile, emerging technologies like CRISPR herald a near future of personalized, data-driven medicine. Massive investments hang in the balance at every stage of the value chain—from research and development to marketing, sales, and distribution.

Fortunately, Slalom’s life science consultants are well-versed in transformation. And our industry experts are backed by a deep well of talent in modern software design, information management, customer engagement strategy, and more. We can help you bridge the divide between business and IT to align diverse stakeholders on common goals.

We bring a forward-thinking, big-picture perspective, complemented by a core value of getting things done. That’s why life science leaders trust Slalom with some of their most strategic business challenges.

“The promise of new technologies to find the pathway to cures for common diseases is for certain within our lifetimes. The question is, are we going to be prepared to harness what the new technologies will offer? Paving the way now with more modern capabilities and architectures is imperative to future success.”
Amy Loftus, Slalom Philadelphia general manager

Bracing for disruption: Building agility in life sciences and healthcare

Slalom’s top life science and healthcare experts explore the fast-approaching future of personalized, data-driven healthcare—and what you can do now to prepare.

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