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Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Defend the enterprise. Secure intellectual capital. Safeguard shareholder value.

Security has become one of the top priorities for companies in today’s challenging business environment. Security departments are constantly chasing a moving target. Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers are challenged to understand and mature an organization’s security posture among:

  • Increased and ever-changing regulatory pressure

  • Rise of advanced persistent threat

  • Increased high-profile attacks

  • Organizational pressure to do more with less and the push for cloud

  • Greater mobility and increased collaboration

Slalom's Security & Technology Risk Services (STRS) team assists our clients to tackle these questions and develop a straightforward, manageable plan to address these challenges.

Security cannot only be about applying technologies to business and cultural problems; it is first and foremost a process. Only when incorporated together as a holistic solution can organizations gain the situational awareness, security-minded culture, and security tools needed to navigate and succeed in this evolving landscape.

Slalom delivers strong, tailored solutions to help tackle business challenges in a cost effective, risk-based, secure manner.

Am I fully realizing the benefits of my security tools?
Does my security strategy align with the business and IT?
Am I focused on the most important threats?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine your security readiness and approach:

  • Do I have perspective on my risk appetite?

  • Am I effectively securing new technologies?

  • How does my security strategy stand up to industry regulations?

  • Am I protecting the most pertinent information?

  • Am I prepared for business disruption or a security breach?

  • How much confidence do I have regarding the level of access granted to 3rd parties?


Infrastructure Security

We help our clients identify critical infrastructure assets & implement layers of protection.

Information Privacy

Our focus is helping our clients understand what information is critical and deploy capabilities to secure it.

Security Strategy

We evaluate, design, and improve the operation of enterprise level cyber security capabilities.

Identity & Access Management

We provide processes and implement technology solutions to assist clients with managing the employee and contractor logical access life cycle.

Business Continuity Services

We assist clients to develop, test and maintain business continuity capabilities.

Incident Response

We provide clients expertise to triage, qualify, remediate & remove malicious malware injected to an enterprise during a cyber attack.

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