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Data visualization Slalom Consulting’s Tableau services and solutions

Tableau + Slalom

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You’ve got data in all shapes and sizes, streaming in from every direction. To keep pace, you need the right tools, capabilities, and processes to rapidly act on insights.

Recognizing that numbers alone don’t tell the full story, Tableau Software created a tool to help anyone and everyone see and understand their data. Elegant, interactive data visualizations enable people to answer questions as they arise, and then share those insights with the click of a button.

We know Tableau. Slalom has been recognized as Tableau's North and South America Alliance Partner of the Year for four years. We’re home to the best and brightest in the business, including Tableau Zen Masters.

Modern data: the art of smart

You’ve got data. Now what? Join our free, on-demand webinar to hear industry experts from Google Cloud, Tableau, and Slalom give practical advice on how to make the most of your data investments.

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How Slalom helps

To implement a new tool successfully, you need to understand—and plan for—how it will impact your people, processes, and technology.

That’s our specialty. We approach Tableau projects holistically, bringing together our experts across business disciplines and industries to solve business problems.

We help companies at all stages of their Tableau maturity get the most value from the tool and ensure they’re equipped for success. Whether you’re just getting started with Tableau, fine-tuning deployments across your enterprise, or somewhere in between, we have the experience and expertise to help.

Our Tableau services


Define your strategy to incorporate Tableau into your business, considering people, processes, governance, and technology.

Tailor-made data visualizations

Work collaboratively to create custom-built, interactive data visualizations that meet your business needs.

Data foundation

Design and deploy a secure, high-performance, scalable foundation to seamlessly integrate Tableau into your existing environment.

Training and adoption

Train your end users and foster a culture of enablement.

Custom Tableau solutions

Build a custom-developed solution, whether it’s a portal, web application, or automated workflow.

Tableau best practices

Learn the latest and greatest guidance from Tableau and champion best practices throughout your organization.

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“The ability I have to get real-time information, with the power that Tableau offers to filter that information anywhere there’s an Internet connection, is differentiable.”
Stephen Lord, Global CTO and Reinsurance CIO at AXIS Capital

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