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Helping people in the UK maximise their income for a brighter future


At a glance

When the economy crashed in 2008, many people in the UK plummeted into financial difficulty. That’s why IncomeMax was founded the next year: to help people experiencing financial insecurity maximise their income and gain access to all the money they were entitled to. However, IncomeMax’s Salesforce solution wasn’t scaling to meet increasing demand.


With Slalom’s help and some critical updates, advisors are now more efficient, allowing IncomeMax to improve the support they are able to give to families across the UK.

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Key Technologies / Platforms

  • Salesforce Service Cloud
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud

Tough economic times trigger an increasing need for support

IncomeMax is there for the people who are struggling financially across the UK—starting with the 2008 economic crash and moving through the COVID-19 pandemic up until today’s current cost-of-living crisis. In fact, the organisation has helped find over £38 million in extra income for households, assisting over 123,000 people with their finances. While IncomeMax had been using Salesforce for its solution, the advisors were under pressure to meet increased demand, as they were spending too much time on manual processes and admin.

It was time to expand and modernise to help the people of the UK.

Slalom was fantastic at being able to get into our heads, decipher our needs and requirements, and come up with a system fit for the next 10 years for IncomeMax.

Leigh Thompson

Director of Services, IncomeMax

Updating the solution makes for a more efficient operation

When the need became apparent, IncomeMax turned to Slalom to update its Salesforce solution. While the advisors at IncomeMax pride themselves on the human-to-human support they offer, the team realised that the traditional method of servicing a customer with a phone call and manual entry of financial details could be streamlined with the additional option of an online customer input form.

Because IncomeMax added an open banking component to the solution, advisors can now verify income and expenditures more easily.

The partners—utility firms and creditors who refer customers to IncomeMax—enjoy more precise reporting on how IncomeMax is assisting customers.

All this work was done in only 10 weeks.


Paving the way for a path out of poverty

IncomeMax quickly saw the impact of the new solution on its ability to scale and help more families increase their household income and relieve some of the financial stresses they were facing.

IncomeMax’s advisors now spend less time on manual processes and more time assisting customers. Without the lengthy manual processes, advisors can focus on what they’re best at: advising and helping. Partners have the transparency they desire and can view more intelligent reports to help them with their business processes like referrals to IncomeMax.

As for the customers? They’re also saving time and receiving better help from the advisors. This means IncomeMax advisors can reach out to a larger number of households, making a positive change for the people in the UK and assisting them on a path to a brighter future.

Let’s solve together.